What to do when it's summer, all of your friends are on holidays and you're bored? Just start a blog (and don't give up). It all started five and a half years ago: donnermoiplusfashion.com was born. At that time, it wasn't my intention to put so much time and effort in a blog. I thought it was just a 'temporarily thing'. But after having a blog for a couple of months, I just couldn't imagine not having one anymore. It began as a hobby, but now I can proudly say that my very own blog has become a part of my life.

Whenever I am not working on my blog, I'm either reading a book, drinking a soy milk cappuccino  or having breakfast/ lunch outside home.
People describe me as a creative and persistent person. Something I really hate is giving up on something.

I can't believe people actually spend their time on visiting my blog, It's so weird that there are girls all around the world who read my blog and click on my posts. It gives me such a great feeling to see where y'all are from; Amsterdam, LA, Sydney and many more countries. Merci!