How to find your (personal) style

Pleated skirts, Gucci stripes, floral print blouses, boyfriend jeans.. there are so many trends we follow and wear! I see a lot of girls wearing the instafamous Gucci belt and everytime I see a pic, I am like 'is that a great investment or are you only going to wear that belt twice?' Trends are an expensive joke, especially when you don't know what your personal style is. Back to the belt, which is more than 300 euros.. In this article I am going to talk about finding your own personal style so you do not have to follow the trends anymore.
The Gucci belt that I sold after wearing it once.

Invest in great basics
Go to h&m and grab a lot of simple white tees. V-neck, high neck, loose, with a little pocket, short sleeve, no sleeves.. Find out what you feel comfortable in most and what looks best on you. This way you discover what you like without copying other girls.
Do the same for sweaters: turtle neck, long sweaters, cropped sweaters, hoodie.. What looks good on you?

Create a moodboard
You probably have a lot of magazines somewhere in your room. Collect all the photos you look and I can assure you that your moodboard will have a theme. Take a picture of the end result of your moodboard and go shopping!

Find out what colors look good on you
I have once written an article about finding out what colors look good on you: click here for the post (which is in Dutch, but you can translate or search on Google for related articles, there are plenty).

Avoid sale shopping
This may sound a little bit crazy, but when you go sale shopping, the chance that you come home with a lot of cheap clothes that you bought only because they were on sale (and not because you really like them) is very big. Invest in clothes that are from the newest collection. When you are planning on buying a pair of jeans that are from the newest collection you are unconsciously going to think twice about your purchase.

Clean your current wardrobe
Be critical when doing this. If you are like me and can't throw your clothes away, put everything you don't wear in a plastic bag and place it somewhere at your home. If three months have been past by and you didn't grab anything out of the plastic bag, you have to throw it away.

Wear accessoires
Statement necklaces, or three subtle necklaces? Big rings, or dainty knuckle rings? Find out what you like and combine your jewelry with your outfits. You are good to go!