Paris hot spot guide: places you should visit

Paris Fashion Week is on its way, which means the streets will be filled by it-girls, celebrities and paparazzi again. That's why I decided to post an article about my favorite restaurants/ lunch spots/ places to have a cup of coffee.
Bonne lecture! ;-)

Café Charlot
A cup of coffee is enough. The view is everything though.
Chez Julien
When I say Chez Julien, you say Gossip Girl!
Pierre Hermé
Forget Ladurée! Try macarons from Pierre Hermé the next time you are in Paris
Louis Philippe
#2 of one of the GG scenes ;-)
Delicious sweets, great decor and atmosphere.. Typical parisian!
Numéro troix on the GG list! Cute terrace and good atmosphere.
Marché Alibert
One of the many cute markets in Paris. Also, a GG scene has been recorded here.
Le Nemours.                    The place of this café is amazing. Enjoy the view while sipping on a cup of tea.

Kong                               Super trendy, East-Asian inspired bar.

Café Marly                     Best place during PFW! With Louvre as a view, you can't be happier.