Going vegan: my experience, opinion & point of view

I'm that kind of person who doesn't really like changes. I have a very few friends who I trust and love. I have my family and my mom is like my best friend. When it comes to food I also have some dishes my mom makes that I really love. I don't like to eat in a restaurant, simply because 90% of all the dishes on the menu aren't 'my thing'. I'm not open to trying out dishes that are on the menu, simply because I don't 'trust' them.. One of the many many reasons I decided to eat vegan last year. And I quit, after a couple of months of eating plant based.
People who eat vegan have always interested me. A plantbased life means so many things: it's better for the environment, animals will be saved and your body will thank you.
     It was last year when I decided that it was time to try out the plantbased lifestyle, it started with plantbased breakfast (vegan butter, soy milk, agave syrup) and eventually I ended up not eating any dairy or meat anymore. I have to be honest: it was the best decision of my life, but all good things have to come to an end.
I live at my mom's, which means it was hard to continue my plantbased lifestyle. So I quit and had to eat 'normal' again. Even though my mom cooked other meals for me and let me cook my own meals, it was hard for both of us.
I wish I had insisted and could still say that I eat vegan, I partly still do, except for my dinner, which isn't. My breakfast consists of a green smoothie with one slice of vegan bread with strawberries on it or vegan pancakes wit a large cup of tea. For lunch, most of the time I eat a big fruit and vegetables bowl, but unfortunately I can't say my dinner is plantbased. Also, when I go out for lunch or something, the dish I order isn't plantbased, I don't want to be 'annoying' for the person I am having luch with.
Next year I am going to Bali and I've already searched for a lot of breakfast/ lunch / dinner spots that only offer vegan food, I am so so excited to try them all! I'm definitely planning on going vegan next year for at least 3 months again and it's my goal to live a plantbased life one day.

Update: a couple of hours after I had wrote the first part of this article I watched Food Choices, a documentary on Netflix. This film has made me realize again how bad dairy and meat is for a human being and this planet. After watching the documentary I told myself: if you really want to do it, you should go for it. That's why I am going to eat plant based as much as possible and as soon as possible. Not next year, but tomorrow.

Also thinking about going vegan? Please remind that it is NOT a diet, but a lifestyle that makes you a better person because you help yourself, the animals and the planet. Watch Food Choices, Cowspiracy or What The Health if you would like to know more about a dairy and meat free lifestyle.

P.s. this post only contains my own opinion and point of view, this article is not sponsored in any way, I am just publishing my experience and thoughts about this subject.