Always on time with my Paul Hewitt watch #GetAnchored

Time is everything and this beautiful watch from Paul Hewitt is the perfect way to be on time, no matter where you are.
The watch you see below can be found on the official Paul Hewitt site, they sell classic, timeless watches and beautiful (matching) bracelets. The one I got is made from rope and has beautiful golden details. I love the marine vibe and the color combo, it's chique yet feminine. I was walking down the streets in Monaco two weeks ago with my hands up in the air, showing everyone how pretty my armcandy was ;-)
 I mean, look at this combination, don't they go perfeclty well with each other? Of course the bracelet and watch can be worn seperately as well, but wearing them both is just perfection around your wrist, isn't it?

Having dinner in Monaco at my favorite restaurant with my favourite arm candy! Wearing these beautiful pieces with a pair of denim jeans, off shoulder blouse, vintage necklaces and silver platform shoes was by far one of my all time favourite outfits.
The bracelet can be found on this page, want to see all the bracelets they have? On this page you can see what they sell.
They have several lines, the watch I got is from the Sailor Line (my personal favourite).