REMINDER | Desenio discount $$

As you could see in one of my previous posts, today is the last day that you can use my discount code 'KARINISSA25' for 25% off at This code is valid on everything except 'handpicked' and all the frames. The posters are the perfect touch to your livingroom, hallway or bedroom. They really cheer up a wall and make it your room look super cozy.

FASHION | Favourite trends atm

trends 2017
So many trends, yet so little time to wear all of them! Some of my favorites can be seen above. The vintage sunglasses, the logo tees (the bigger the better), the bag belts and last but not least, the tropical floral print.. all of them can be combined together. The more trends you match together, the more you get attention. This year is all about going crazy, wearing two different prints is completely normal and I love that. The fact that nothing is weird and nothings looks ugly makes me wanna go shopping and buy all the items that you see in this post.
Which trend do you like most? Do you like the floral print or are you more a sunglasses type of person?

INSPO | Meet me where the sea touches the sky

These photos show you what life should look like. Watching how the sun slowly but perfectly goes down, having breakfast at the Seine including strawberries and a French baguette, wearing your most beautiful dress while you're staying home.. It's important to love yourself first before loving other people. It's important to enjoy life as much as possible.
Life is great, life is beautiful. However, it's up to you how great or how beautiful you make it.

HOME | Cheer up your room with Desenio

You might already know this brand, is a website that sells beautiful posters and frames. From world maps to coffee menus, you can find literally anything.

As you can see, I have picked out five posters and five frames. Two for the living room and three for my room. I love the vibe of the posters, it's so relaxing and calm! The colours go very well with each other and the quality is also very good. I ordered the posters on a Monday and believe it or not, I received my order three days later!
These are the codes of the posters I have:
Dusty rose: 2264-5, here
Cloud mountains: 8541-4, here
World map grey: 8453-4, here
When the day is over: 2260-5, here

The code ''KARINISSA25'' gives 25% off posters (except ''handpicked''/fames), between 22th-24th of August on Follow @desenio on Instagram for more inspiration!