TRAVEL | Places I would love to see someday

Despite the fact that I have seen a lot of (beautiful) places, there is still a lot more to see. Curious which countries are on top of my list? Read on to see the whole article.

Santorini, Greece // Sydney, Australia // Positano Amalfi, Italy // Venice, Italy // Vancouver, Canada

I have seen almost every country in East Europe (we used to go to Turkey by car every summers we had to drive through many different countries such as Germany and Austria). From Swiss to Bulgaria and Monaco to UAE. On top of my list is Canada, I have heard so many good stories about this country, I would love to go there someday. I am actually planning to go there in two years, never say never! And you are never too early to plan something ;-)
I have visited Italy a couple of times, four years ago I went to Milan and two years ago Rome. Cinque Terre, Florence, Venice Amalfi and Capri are real dreams of mine. Maybe it is time for a road trip in Italy..?
What is on your travel list?