TIP | The best Instagram accounts to follow #2

I can't even remember when I posted #1 of these series. Nevertheless, read on to find out who my favourite, most inspirational Instagrammers are. (Random order by the way.)

From seventies vibes and unedited pictures to real travellers and wanderers. I don't follow that many people (142 I think?), so when I do, I either really like your feed, your photos or I know you as a person in real life.

I think I have mentioned her once (or twice..) before on my blog, but here we go again. @tuulavintage posts photos of al her adventures. She has already seen so many places and every picture she posts is magical. Everything goes very well together, what makes the perfect feed. Every time she posts a photo, I already look forward to the next one.
She can rock the simplest outfit: jeans, boots, white tee. Everything looks good on her! @vanellimelli is one of the prettiest girls I follow on Instagram. Her feed is very dreamy, inspirational and has a very chill vibe. Love that!
I don't even know what to say about her.. Magical sunsets that look like paintings, the most beautiful views, perfect pictures of her outfits.. Do I need to say more? @gypsea_lust is a must follow if you ask me.
I just finished reading her blog. I usually never visit blogs (anymore), but @matildadjerf 's blog is the only one I actually do visit. She reminds me a little bit of @vanellimelli, also simple outfits (which look breathtaking on her), dreamy photos and a beautiful face (also, her body is to die for). 


  1. I have followed the instagram accounts and read the pics and artiles, these accounts are so great. Among those acounts, I like the most is @tuulavintage , she travelled so many beautiful places and the pics are so great , I really enjoyed all of these things. And I'd like to introduce 11 perfectly pretty painted curtains , these curtains are beautiful and comfortable, i hope you could like it .