PERSONAL | 30 things you can do on a rainy day

People who live in The Netherlands (or even Europe) know that Summer doesn't last that long.. Most of the year we have to deal with a lot of rain, which can be pretty annoying sometimes.. That's why I have made a list for those who don't know what to do on a rainy, grey day.. Keep on reading, I am more than sure that the next time it's raining, you won't whine ;-)

1. Invite your friends for dinner and make it cozy with some candles and music
2. Prepare an extensive lunch (and surprise your mother with it)
3. Watch crazy make-up tutorials and try them on your on face (tears of laughter guaranteed)
4. Go to a mall. There are a lot of malls in The Netherlands, such as Amstelveen (tip tip!)
5. Make a wish list on Polyvore
6. Get inspired by beautiful pics on Pinterest
7. Make a mood board
8. Painting is always a good idea, especially water painting
9. Most of us don't read books (anymore). Turn off your phone and start reading!
10. Try out new recipes, for example this one, looks so so yummy!
11. Do a yoga session. You don't need a lot of space, just make sure you're comfortable.
12. Shoot some pics for your Instagram feed, such as flat lays.
13. Ask your friends to come over and order food. Quality time is the best, especially with your girls!
14. Bake a drip cake. Buy chocolate, candy, macarons and more unhealthy stuff as a topping for your cake.

15. Redecorate your room. You don't need (a lot of) money to do that, the simplest things can make a huge difference.
16. Indoor tennis
17. Make sure your room is dark (very dark) and pretend like you're in a cinema
18. Visit a museum (jewish museum, Banksy, Rijksmuseum.. a lot of choices!)
19. Me-time is always a good idea. Paint your nails, have a mini pedicure and relax
20. Take a nap
21. Clean your room. For me, this is one of the most satisfying things to do.
22. Create a scrapbook
23. Get out the board games
24. Design a card online and send it to someone you care about. Tell them how much they mean to you
25. Go on a mini road trip (you don't get wet when sitting in a car ;-)
26. Write a letter to the future you
27. Design your own phone/ laptop case online
28. Discover new music and make playlists
29. Write down things that make you happy
30. Grab your umbrella and go outside! We are not made of cotton candy, the smell of the air during rainy days is the best