NEW IN | Chanel logo earrings and brooche

It was two weeks ago when my mom and I decided to go to Conservatorium Hotel (must visit when you are in Amsterdam!). As we were walking to the hotel to grab a cup of coffee, my mom asked me if I wanted to visit P.C Hooftstraat first, of course I could not say no. We did not visit a lot of stores, but where we did went to, was Chanel (our favourite (luxury) brand). The logo earrings are never in stock, so we totally did not expect that they would be available in Amsterdam, normally there is a waiting list.. We asked the employee to show us what jewellery they got in the store, and after literally 8 minutes we were walking out of the store, including a little Chanel bag with two beautiful jewellery pieces in it.
The pieces can be worn together or separately. The brooche is to die for! It has a lot of little zirkonia stones all around the logo (even on the back) and the size is perfect. I am that kind of person who loves to go sale shopping, but is a sucker for designer accessoires, such as bags, scarves, jewellery and shoes..
Anyway, back to the point.. The pieces you see below are gold, although I really love silver, we decided to go for gold, because we wear gold more often than silver (or rose gold).
I remember when I used to have those fake Chanel logo earrings which were huge. Do not blame me, I think I was eleven years old back then.. The fact that I own these beautiful earrings makes me truly happy. I know that there a lot of people who think this it is crazy to spend so much money on jewellery. But not everyone is the same, some people like to spend their money on good wine, some people love to go on vacation five times a year and then there is me, who loves to invest in beautiful jewellery. Also, the price increase of Chanel products is comparable to house prices, which is insane, but at the same time also very nice if you want to sell your Chanel bag in a couple of years for example.
I am in love with the pieces I own now and I cannot wait to expand my collection. I think it will take a while until I own more Chanel items, but oh well.