WISH LIST | The perfect basics

wish list
Nude pink coat: here // pullover: here // black white striped tee: here // red white striped tee: here // Cluse watch: here // Mulberry bag: here // the perfect black jeans: here // flower print sweater: here // heart shaped Chanel earrings: here // black Gucci loafers: here // Chanel bracelet: here // red Chanel nail polish: here // better than my lips Chanel lipstick: here
Every once in a while I upgrade the 'basics' section of my clothing closet. Let's be honest, basics are the most important items of your whole closet, you can combine them with literally anything you have. The perfect pair of black jeans, striped tees, a soft pullover and something lace, a few basic items every girl needs and that are on my wish list as well.
The clothing items you see above are all from Esprit. I used to visit that store every time I went to the mall with my mother, but since the store is gone, I am not up to date of their collection anymore. Too bad! Back to back; to cheer up a basic outfit (don't get me wrong: basic doesn't have to mean that an outfit is boring, for me, basic means 'not over the top') you can add a silk scarf or a lot of dainty jewellery. For example the Chanel earrings. I am so in love with them! They look chique and at the same time very cute and feminine. The velvet watch from Cluse is also the perfect addition to your outfit. The combination of rose gold and burgundy (velvet) is very pretty. You can simply click on the items you like to be redirected to the site!
What's on your wish list?