Things that are on my mind | New changes

2017 is the year of.. like.. realizing things. Just kidding, this is the year of changes and achieving goals. I know, it may sound cliche. I feel like this is the year of getting shit done and eventually being proud of everything I will achieve (hopefully).
I have so many plans for this year and I truly hope that in exactly one year from now on, I can proudly say that 2017 was my year and that I could achieve everything the hell I wanted to achieve. Everything is possible, as long as you believe in yourself and don't let opinions from other people affect you.

I really want to start this year by posting new stuff. For example new columns (I remember saying the exact same thing like two years ago, but oh well.. let's try it again). From now on, I will be posting a 'Things that are on my mind' post at least once every two months. This post will include (as the title says) things that I want to 'get rid of'/ tell you, my favourite music, etcetera.

Also, do you remember my hot spot posts? I used to write those posts every now and then, but now I don't. There are so many restaurants/places I want to visit and I can't wait to share them with you. I also want to start posting 'The best places in..' posts. I know so many cute places in for example Paris and I would love to share them as well.
Next week I am going to Drakes concert which I am very looking forward to. Also, I got a new job (at Pandora, how exciting!) and I have got my drivers license since last week. I can't deny it: this new year couldn't start any better.

One thing I am not very sure about is the fact that I write in English. I know a lot of my readers are from Russia, France and other countries, but most of you are Dutch.. I feel like this is such a difficult choice. Should I post in Dutch (back to back), stay posting in English or do both? Decisions, decisions.. I can express myself better when I post in English. I talk to myself in English and I think English (don't tell me I am the only one who talks to herself).