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by - 1/23/2017

It's so difficult to start writing an article when you don't even know where to start. I just got back from the movies and this one won me over. La La Land, you definitely stole my heart. I feel so inspired and relaxed, which is weird to be honest, I mean, how can one single movie have such an impact like this on someone?
Life is a challenge. You live to survive, but at the same time you need to make sure to get what you want by working for it, whether you have to work very hard for it or not.
I used to blog to show my biggest passion, which was fashion and clothing. I notice that these two things aren't really my thing anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still love shopping and I am still a sucker for shoes and jewellery, but blogging about it as much as I used to do isn't for me anymore. I'd love to post outfit photos etcetera, but maybe later, when I'm ready for it.
For now, I feel like lifestyle related article are more 'me', more Karin. I want to blog when I feel like it, when my mind is full of inspiration, just like now. Also, I love to blog about beautiful cities, cute places and inspiring things that are on my mind. Things that are worth sharing.
I am not changed, I am growing. I still need to figure out what I want, when I want it and how I want it. I think that's more than okay, discovering yourself should be the most beautiful thing that exists.
Speak to you very soon (hopefully). Xx

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  1. Love your page!! xx
    IG: @stylenomads

  2. Wat mooi dat een film zo'n indruk op je achter laat en het je aan het denken zet! Als outfit's posten niet echt meer jou ding is moet je er ook niet meer mee door gaan, of alleen als je er zin in hebt. Ik post ook alleen waar ik zin in heb. Eerst ging het ook alleen maar over fashion maar alle ideeën en creativiteit die in mijn hoofd zaten moesten er ook uit, dat lukt met mijn blog van nu heel goed :) Misschien moet je in een andere richting gaan denken bij je blog, een richting die helemaal bij jou past!