HOT SPOTS | The best (and most delicious) places in Paris

Ask me my what my favourite city is and I'll respond with 'Paris' every time you ask me. I don't know if it's because of the kind people, beautiful architecture/buildings, the historical places or the delicious food (or maybe just all of them..). For me, Paris is definitely a city I could visit every week. I used to visit it so many times (at least three times a year) and secretly it's my biggest dream to live there. I mean, it's like living a dream, really. To show you my big love for the city of love, macaroons and baguettes, I'll share my favourite places with you today.
Most of the places you see below in Google Maps, are the perfect places for a delicious petit dejeuner, cappuccino or a typical Parisian dinner. However, I couldn't resist and had to add a designer vintage store as well. Read more about my chosen hot spots below!
Valois Vintage Paris is heaven on earth for people who are looking for beautiful vintage designer pieces. From Louis Vuitton Monogram wallets to Hermes bags, everything can be found in this cute shop.
Avenue Montaigne is one of my favourite streets/ neighbourhoods in Paris. I really like the vibe and of course the stores. This is the perfect street for window shopping/ luxury shopping.
When delicious food meets coziness: Carette is one of the best places to eat when you're in Paris. Enjoy their delicious macarons while sitting on the terrace, or stay inside and get a sandwich. Everything is possible!
You can't deny it: Le Café Marly is a restaurant with one hell of a view: Notre Dame! It's open daily until 2AM, which is perfect if you're in Paris for a city trip and you decide to eat somewhere when it's getting late. Also, Rue de Rivoli (street where you can find Le Café Marly) is such a nice street and perfect to go shopping, double yay!

Although most of you know this neighbourhood, I just had to add it to this article. You can't say you've been to Paris if you haven't visited Le Marais. The best shops are in this neighbourhood (which is one of the oldest in Paris), so a 'must see' if you ask me!
My favourite (I know, I know, I have a lot of favourites, please don't blame for this!) café in Le Marais (the neighbourhood I just mentioned), is Le Voltigeur. If you are a coffee lover, you really should visit this place. My Instagram followers have seen a photo of this place once before, so you guys know what I am talking about.
Ralph Lauren even has his own restaurant, named Ralphs. Order a lobster salad and don't forget to order the New York cheesecake after it. Ralphs is located in Saint Germain, near Café de Flore, a very loved café in the heart of Paris. There is even a movie named after one of the oldest coffeehouses of Paris, located at the corner of Boulevard Saint-Germain and Rue Saint-Benoît. Go to this place and you'll see it yourself: it's wonderful and most important: delicious!

Have you ever been to Paris? If yes, what's your favourite place/neighbourhood?