Pink Ribbon: help women with breast cancer

It's the last week of October, which means it's almost the end of Pink Ribbon, a fund campaign organised for women who are victims of breast cancer.
1 out of 7 women has breast cancer, I bet you know more than seven women, so who are you donating for? Your friend, neighbour, mother, aunt or maybe for yourself?
Please visit and read what you can do for others. Buy yourself an agenda or get your sister and yourself matching bracelets. Pink Ribbon donates an X amount of money with every purchase (depending on what you buy).

How to find your (personal) style

Pleated skirts, Gucci stripes, floral print blouses, boyfriend jeans.. there are so many trends we follow and wear! I see a lot of girls wearing the instafamous Gucci belt and everytime I see a pic, I am like 'is that a great investment or are you only going to wear that belt twice?' Trends are an expensive joke, especially when you don't know what your personal style is. Back to the belt, which is more than 300 euros.. In this article I am going to talk about finding your own personal style so you do not have to follow the trends anymore.
The Gucci belt that I sold after wearing it once.

Invest in great basics
Go to h&m and grab a lot of simple white tees. V-neck, high neck, loose, with a little pocket, short sleeve, no sleeves.. Find out what you feel comfortable in most and what looks best on you. This way you discover what you like without copying other girls.
Do the same for sweaters: turtle neck, long sweaters, cropped sweaters, hoodie.. What looks good on you?

Create a moodboard
You probably have a lot of magazines somewhere in your room. Collect all the photos you look and I can assure you that your moodboard will have a theme. Take a picture of the end result of your moodboard and go shopping!

Find out what colors look good on you
I have once written an article about finding out what colors look good on you: click here for the post (which is in Dutch, but you can translate or search on Google for related articles, there are plenty).

Avoid sale shopping
This may sound a little bit crazy, but when you go sale shopping, the chance that you come home with a lot of cheap clothes that you bought only because they were on sale (and not because you really like them) is very big. Invest in clothes that are from the newest collection. When you are planning on buying a pair of jeans that are from the newest collection you are unconsciously going to think twice about your purchase.

Clean your current wardrobe
Be critical when doing this. If you are like me and can't throw your clothes away, put everything you don't wear in a plastic bag and place it somewhere at your home. If three months have been past by and you didn't grab anything out of the plastic bag, you have to throw it away.

Wear accessoires
Statement necklaces, or three subtle necklaces? Big rings, or dainty knuckle rings? Find out what you like and combine your jewelry with your outfits. You are good to go!

Paris hot spot guide: places you should visit

Paris Fashion Week is on its way, which means the streets will be filled by it-girls, celebrities and paparazzi again. That's why I decided to post an article about my favorite restaurants/ lunch spots/ places to have a cup of coffee.
Bonne lecture! ;-)

Café Charlot
A cup of coffee is enough. The view is everything though.
Chez Julien
When I say Chez Julien, you say Gossip Girl!
Pierre Hermé
Forget Ladurée! Try macarons from Pierre Hermé the next time you are in Paris
Louis Philippe
#2 of one of the GG scenes ;-)
Delicious sweets, great decor and atmosphere.. Typical parisian!
Numéro troix on the GG list! Cute terrace and good atmosphere.
Marché Alibert
One of the many cute markets in Paris. Also, a GG scene has been recorded here.
Le Nemours.                    The place of this café is amazing. Enjoy the view while sipping on a cup of tea.

Kong                               Super trendy, East-Asian inspired bar.

Café Marly                     Best place during PFW! With Louvre as a view, you can't be happier.

Going vegan: my experience, opinion & point of view

I'm that kind of person who doesn't really like changes. I have a very few friends who I trust and love. I have my family and my mom is like my best friend. When it comes to food I also have some dishes my mom makes that I really love. I don't like to eat in a restaurant, simply because 90% of all the dishes on the menu aren't 'my thing'. I'm not open to trying out dishes that are on the menu, simply because I don't 'trust' them.. One of the many many reasons I decided to eat vegan last year. And I quit, after a couple of months of eating plant based.
People who eat vegan have always interested me. A plantbased life means so many things: it's better for the environment, animals will be saved and your body will thank you.
     It was last year when I decided that it was time to try out the plantbased lifestyle, it started with plantbased breakfast (vegan butter, soy milk, agave syrup) and eventually I ended up not eating any dairy or meat anymore. I have to be honest: it was the best decision of my life, but all good things have to come to an end.
I live at my mom's, which means it was hard to continue my plantbased lifestyle. So I quit and had to eat 'normal' again. Even though my mom cooked other meals for me and let me cook my own meals, it was hard for both of us.
I wish I had insisted and could still say that I eat vegan, I partly still do, except for my dinner, which isn't. My breakfast consists of a green smoothie with one slice of vegan bread with strawberries on it or vegan pancakes wit a large cup of tea. For lunch, most of the time I eat a big fruit and vegetables bowl, but unfortunately I can't say my dinner is plantbased. Also, when I go out for lunch or something, the dish I order isn't plantbased, I don't want to be 'annoying' for the person I am having luch with.
Next year I am going to Bali and I've already searched for a lot of breakfast/ lunch / dinner spots that only offer vegan food, I am so so excited to try them all! I'm definitely planning on going vegan next year for at least 3 months again and it's my goal to live a plantbased life one day.

Update: a couple of hours after I had wrote the first part of this article I watched Food Choices, a documentary on Netflix. This film has made me realize again how bad dairy and meat is for a human being and this planet. After watching the documentary I told myself: if you really want to do it, you should go for it. That's why I am going to eat plant based as much as possible and as soon as possible. Not next year, but tomorrow.

Also thinking about going vegan? Please remind that it is NOT a diet, but a lifestyle that makes you a better person because you help yourself, the animals and the planet. Watch Food Choices, Cowspiracy or What The Health if you would like to know more about a dairy and meat free lifestyle.

P.s. this post only contains my own opinion and point of view, this article is not sponsored in any way, I am just publishing my experience and thoughts about this subject.

Philosophy poem #1

The park bench

I wish I was a poet
With magical words
To make people see all of the absurd
Tears fly, paintings in pastel die

When we look into our mirrors
We sometimes miss
What love dumps upon all of us
We shed tears, for we forgot to shed fears

I have no legs, nor any crutches
So my voyage has ended
I only observe
Sadness upended

When goodness is confused
When gestures are refused
When the kiss that could have been
When a poets tear seems obscene

The one who hears is often deaf
The deaf sometimes have nothing left
If I could give a kiss away
I would give it to lovers with hearts that sway

Drawing love on paper in may

- Arthur Vaso

Heaven on earth: 6 (low budget) places you should visit

So many beautiful places on this world, yet so little time to visit them all! My biggest dream is to see as many as possible of this wonderful planet before I die. Are you also a big fan of discovering new places? In today's article I'm showing you 6 (low budget) places you that makes you want to go to the airport right now (or actually, right after reading this post).

Gili Islands
Go to Bali and take the boat to Gili Islands. Make sure you buy your ticket at a local company when you're there, don't order them online! A return ticket AMS-DPS is available from 480eur if you go in March. Also, the food in Indonesia is the best, everything is super cheap and most of it is plantbased. Canggu, Ubud, Seminyak, Sunar and GitGit waterfall are must-sees when you're in Bali.

Another low budget destination is Thailand. You can easily book an apartment or a hotel for a very low price. Again, food and taxi's are very cheap here, just like in Indonesia. There are a lot of beautiful islands you can visit by buying local tickets. Ko tao, Phuket, Ko Pha Ngan, Koh Lipe and Koh Kood are some places that are definitely worth a visit.

Big cities, ricefields, volcanoes: Philippines have it all. The Philippines is a more non-touristic, still undiscovered place, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a vacation. For a crystal clear beach, go to Palawan. For rice fields, Luzon is the place to be and for a chill-modus vacay, you should go to Boracay.

Costa Rica
The place to be for people who are adventureous. Go zip lining, visit Tortuguero and make a boattrip through the rainforest and learn how to surf in Tamarindo for the best experience you'll ever get. Adventure guaranteed!

Delicious food, beautiful gardens, historical buildings, clean (and cheap) hotels.. I am talking about Morocco.

Cleanest city on earth, tiniest city of Southeast Asia and the place to be for people who like luxury. Singapore it is! Gardens by the bay, Universal Studios, River Safari, Marina Bay.. There are so many hot spots and must-sees in Singapore! Also, it's a great destination for families, as there are a lot of museums and amusement parcs there.

How to become the person you want to be

I am currently not the person I want to be, I am not even close to it. However, I am slowly getting there. Comapring to a couple of years ago, I have changed a lot (which is very normal, everyone changes as they are growing up and getting older). But some people find it difficult finding out who they want to become and how to do that.
Solo travel
One of the reasons I decided to take a gap year this year is because I still don't know who I am. 'How am I supposed to go to college, follow a course and make friends if I don't even know who I am?' One of the many things that was running through my mind when I was supposed to sign myself up for a study. I couldn't imagine going to school in September, so I decided to take a year off and focus on myself.
Me-time is very important, and what is better than a solo vacation? I am going to Bali for (more than a) month and Paris for more than two months, just to clear things up and 'meet' the real me. I am 110% sure that these two journeys will make me come back as a whole other person.

Be open to everything
From making friends to discovering new cities, think outside of the box and dare to try out new things! It's time to get out of your comfort zone.

Get a new job
Maybe it's your job that isn't motivating you enough, maybe it's been too long since you applied for your current job. Your job could be the reason you're not who you want to be. Dare to take the step and -again- get out of your comfortzone. Go apply for that job you've been thinking about for a long time!

Make new friends
Your current friends may be sweet, helpful, kind and good to you, but maybe it's time to be open to meeting new people. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should get rid of your current friends, but meeting new ones could help you finding out the true you.

Selflove and positivity: the key to

I am currently in that stage of my life that I don't really know who I am and how to 'love', and to be honest, I don't really mind about that. I am very young and I still have to figure everything out in life. However, there are a lot of people who struggle as they are trying to find out who they really are. Or even people of my age who don't know where to start. Today's article can be very helpful for those who need a little bit of positivity in their lifes, or just for those who need to know how selflove can be used (in a right way).
Everyone can meditate. You don't have to go somewhere to meditate, just make sure you are in a quiet place and not surrounded by a lot of people. This could be your room or even at the beach when the sun is going down. Just sit, close your eyes and try not to think about anything, if you do, make sure it's something positive, not something that makes you sad. The app Calm (not sponsored) is an app with relaxing music and bedtime stories, perfect for people who struggle while they are trying to sleep or are being disturbed by the smallest things.

I don't read that often but when I do, I really enjoy doing it and I feel good. Make sure it is a book like Milk & Honey, The Alchemist or The Law of Attraction. Also, reading (this kind of books) stimulates the brain and makes you think about life more. After I finish reading a book, I always have a little conversation with myself, most of the time about selflove and life. This brings me to the next point..

Talk to yourself
We talk, we talk a lot to other people, when we go grocerie shopping, when we order food at a restaurant and even when we are at a dentist appointment.
From strangers to best friends and family members, talking is something we do most of the day, but how many times do you talk to yourself? How many times are you having a conversation with just yourself? Talking is the absolute key to finding yourself and loving yourself. You meet you, just like one conversation with a stranger can turn you two into good friends, talking to yourself can turn you and your inner you into one person who knows who he/she is.

Be patient
Patience is the key to selflove, I can guarantee that. I don't have much to say about this, patience is everything and leads to positivity.

What is your key to selflove?

Always on time with my Paul Hewitt watch #GetAnchored

Time is everything and this beautiful watch from Paul Hewitt is the perfect way to be on time, no matter where you are.
The watch you see below can be found on the official Paul Hewitt site, they sell classic, timeless watches and beautiful (matching) bracelets. The one I got is made from rope and has beautiful golden details. I love the marine vibe and the color combo, it's chique yet feminine. I was walking down the streets in Monaco two weeks ago with my hands up in the air, showing everyone how pretty my armcandy was ;-)
 I mean, look at this combination, don't they go perfeclty well with each other? Of course the bracelet and watch can be worn seperately as well, but wearing them both is just perfection around your wrist, isn't it?

Having dinner in Monaco at my favorite restaurant with my favourite arm candy! Wearing these beautiful pieces with a pair of denim jeans, off shoulder blouse, vintage necklaces and silver platform shoes was by far one of my all time favourite outfits.
The bracelet can be found on this page, want to see all the bracelets they have? On this page you can see what they sell.
They have several lines, the watch I got is from the Sailor Line (my personal favourite).

REMINDER | Desenio discount $$

As you could see in one of my previous posts, today is the last day that you can use my discount code 'KARINISSA25' for 25% off at This code is valid on everything except 'handpicked' and all the frames. The posters are the perfect touch to your livingroom, hallway or bedroom. They really cheer up a wall and make it your room look super cozy.

FASHION | Favourite trends atm

trends 2017
So many trends, yet so little time to wear all of them! Some of my favorites can be seen above. The vintage sunglasses, the logo tees (the bigger the better), the bag belts and last but not least, the tropical floral print.. all of them can be combined together. The more trends you match together, the more you get attention. This year is all about going crazy, wearing two different prints is completely normal and I love that. The fact that nothing is weird and nothings looks ugly makes me wanna go shopping and buy all the items that you see in this post.
Which trend do you like most? Do you like the floral print or are you more a sunglasses type of person?

INSPO | Meet me where the sea touches the sky

These photos show you what life should look like. Watching how the sun slowly but perfectly goes down, having breakfast at the Seine including strawberries and a French baguette, wearing your most beautiful dress while you're staying home.. It's important to love yourself first before loving other people. It's important to enjoy life as much as possible.
Life is great, life is beautiful. However, it's up to you how great or how beautiful you make it.

HOME | Cheer up your room with Desenio

You might already know this brand, is a website that sells beautiful posters and frames. From world maps to coffee menus, you can find literally anything.

As you can see, I have picked out five posters and five frames. Two for the living room and three for my room. I love the vibe of the posters, it's so relaxing and calm! The colours go very well with each other and the quality is also very good. I ordered the posters on a Monday and believe it or not, I received my order three days later!
These are the codes of the posters I have:
Dusty rose: 2264-5, here
Cloud mountains: 8541-4, here
World map grey: 8453-4, here
When the day is over: 2260-5, here

The code ''KARINISSA25'' gives 25% off posters (except ''handpicked''/fames), between 22th-24th of August on Follow @desenio on Instagram for more inspiration!

TIP | The best Instagram accounts to follow #2

I can't even remember when I posted #1 of these series. Nevertheless, read on to find out who my favourite, most inspirational Instagrammers are. (Random order by the way.)

From seventies vibes and unedited pictures to real travellers and wanderers. I don't follow that many people (142 I think?), so when I do, I either really like your feed, your photos or I know you as a person in real life.

I think I have mentioned her once (or twice..) before on my blog, but here we go again. @tuulavintage posts photos of al her adventures. She has already seen so many places and every picture she posts is magical. Everything goes very well together, what makes the perfect feed. Every time she posts a photo, I already look forward to the next one.
She can rock the simplest outfit: jeans, boots, white tee. Everything looks good on her! @vanellimelli is one of the prettiest girls I follow on Instagram. Her feed is very dreamy, inspirational and has a very chill vibe. Love that!
I don't even know what to say about her.. Magical sunsets that look like paintings, the most beautiful views, perfect pictures of her outfits.. Do I need to say more? @gypsea_lust is a must follow if you ask me.
I just finished reading her blog. I usually never visit blogs (anymore), but @matildadjerf 's blog is the only one I actually do visit. She reminds me a little bit of @vanellimelli, also simple outfits (which look breathtaking on her), dreamy photos and a beautiful face (also, her body is to die for). 

PERSONAL | 30 things you can do on a rainy day

People who live in The Netherlands (or even Europe) know that Summer doesn't last that long.. Most of the year we have to deal with a lot of rain, which can be pretty annoying sometimes.. That's why I have made a list for those who don't know what to do on a rainy, grey day.. Keep on reading, I am more than sure that the next time it's raining, you won't whine ;-)

1. Invite your friends for dinner and make it cozy with some candles and music
2. Prepare an extensive lunch (and surprise your mother with it)
3. Watch crazy make-up tutorials and try them on your on face (tears of laughter guaranteed)
4. Go to a mall. There are a lot of malls in The Netherlands, such as Amstelveen (tip tip!)
5. Make a wish list on Polyvore
6. Get inspired by beautiful pics on Pinterest
7. Make a mood board
8. Painting is always a good idea, especially water painting
9. Most of us don't read books (anymore). Turn off your phone and start reading!
10. Try out new recipes, for example this one, looks so so yummy!
11. Do a yoga session. You don't need a lot of space, just make sure you're comfortable.
12. Shoot some pics for your Instagram feed, such as flat lays.
13. Ask your friends to come over and order food. Quality time is the best, especially with your girls!
14. Bake a drip cake. Buy chocolate, candy, macarons and more unhealthy stuff as a topping for your cake.

15. Redecorate your room. You don't need (a lot of) money to do that, the simplest things can make a huge difference.
16. Indoor tennis
17. Make sure your room is dark (very dark) and pretend like you're in a cinema
18. Visit a museum (jewish museum, Banksy, Rijksmuseum.. a lot of choices!)
19. Me-time is always a good idea. Paint your nails, have a mini pedicure and relax
20. Take a nap
21. Clean your room. For me, this is one of the most satisfying things to do.
22. Create a scrapbook
23. Get out the board games
24. Design a card online and send it to someone you care about. Tell them how much they mean to you
25. Go on a mini road trip (you don't get wet when sitting in a car ;-)
26. Write a letter to the future you
27. Design your own phone/ laptop case online
28. Discover new music and make playlists
29. Write down things that make you happy
30. Grab your umbrella and go outside! We are not made of cotton candy, the smell of the air during rainy days is the best

LIFE | 4 things that will make you love life (even) more

We have good days and bad days, that's life. When I am having a good day, I don't want anyone to remind me how beautiful life is, but when having a bad day, I often forget it. This post is for you, whether you are enjoying life at the moment or you are laying in bed with chocolate and a lot of tissues.

Not my pic. Source: Weheartit
You are you and you are beautiful (& unique)
'What's the most beautiful thing in life?'' 'The fact that everyone is different from each other' will be my answer. Always. You are you and thank God you don't look like any other girl. If you weren't you, who else would be? You are beautiful and unique, just like any other person.

Say what you think (but don't exaggerate)
They say that those who don't talk much are the smartest, but sometimes you have to say what you think. It will give you a relieved feeling and it might be good too.

Own compliments
We compliment each other more often than we think/ know and that's more than great, because we need those compliments and kind words. Let's be honest: one of the best feelings is hearing from another person that your hair looks nice on the day you've curled and styled it. The fact that someone else noticed it makes you feel good and lets you smile. So go give a compliment to that girl you don't know but wears a super cute skirt. Or to that old lady who is carrying a beautiful vintage bag. Their smile is going to make you smile!

It's okay not to be okay
Like I've said before, not every day is a good day. That's not how life works. It's okay when you're not feeling it, it's okay when all you want to do is be alone and think. It's okay when you're not feeling okay. There is always the sunshine to look forward to after the rain.

TRAVEL | Places I would love to see someday

Despite the fact that I have seen a lot of (beautiful) places, there is still a lot more to see. Curious which countries are on top of my list? Read on to see the whole article.

Santorini, Greece // Sydney, Australia // Positano Amalfi, Italy // Venice, Italy // Vancouver, Canada

I have seen almost every country in East Europe (we used to go to Turkey by car every summers we had to drive through many different countries such as Germany and Austria). From Swiss to Bulgaria and Monaco to UAE. On top of my list is Canada, I have heard so many good stories about this country, I would love to go there someday. I am actually planning to go there in two years, never say never! And you are never too early to plan something ;-)
I have visited Italy a couple of times, four years ago I went to Milan and two years ago Rome. Cinque Terre, Florence, Venice Amalfi and Capri are real dreams of mine. Maybe it is time for a road trip in Italy..?
What is on your travel list?

HOT SPOTS | The best bars/ restaurants in Amsterdam

Since I love posting HOT SPOTS article, I decided to post another article with my favourite hot spots in the capital of The Netherlands. From Asian food to English High tea's, Read on to find out which restaurants/bars you definitely should check out next time you're in Amsterdam!

George W.P.A
Try the tuna pizza for a great food experience.
Asian restaurant in East and West Amsterdam. Great atmosphere, delicious food!
The Duchess
I would definitely recommend doing a high tea here (from 35 euros p.p.).
Impero Romano
The best Italian food in town.
Portuguese restaurant (aka delicious food), great location & beautiful interior.
Art on your plate. That's what you get when eating here.
MOOK Pancakes
A real pancake restaurant. A dream come true if you ask me!
Pulitzer Bar
Go here with your friends and try out one of their cocktails. Great night guaranteed!
Sticky Fingers
Place to be when you need a good Insta pic! (and when you crave sweets ;-))
Louie Louie
Saving the best for last. Great burgers, cocktails, desserts (Oreo cheesecake, I mean..).


june wishlsit

Time for a wish list! June is the month of my birthday and although my birthday was June 18, that doesn't mean I can't share my wish list with you! On top of my list is the newest perfume Mon Paris from YSL, this perfume exactly describes my taste. Click here to read more about (the smell of) the perfume.
Also, I have been looking for a gold plated coin necklace or a necklace with my zodiac sign for a long time, I saw a very pretty one from Orelia, which you can see by clicking here. I don't know whether it is gold plated or not, the necklace isn't expensive at all.
The Miu Miu sunglasses are absolutely eye catching but at the same time also very classy. I love the color combination and the shape of the glasses.
What is on your wish list?

TRAVEL | Villa Otero in Nice, Côte d'Azur

I am back! The reason I haven't posted any articles is because of personal circumstances. Merci for understanding!

I went to Nice last week and I had a great time there. Côte d'Azur is by far one of the best places to spend your summer so I was very happy when I heard that I was going to Nice for three days. The first day we went to Monaco and had a little picknick there. The second day we went to Cannes. Luckily there were no tourists at all, which means it was not crowded at the beach and in restaurants. The third and last day spend the whole day on the boulevard in Nice. Also, I got heard that I passed my exams! It was the best trip ever.
This is where we had breakfast. Free hot drinks are available during the day and between 2pm and 6pm there are also sweets such as croissants and brownies.
Happy Hour in the lobby. Cake, marshmallows, muffins and tea. There was more and you can eat as much as you would like. I love the extra services this hotel offers!

Look at how cute the room is! The wall has the same pattern as the curtains, which looks very cute. The bed was comfortable and the bathroom was very clean. Also, there was a big mirror in the room which in my opinion is very important ;-)
We stayed at Villa Otero, which is a very cute hotel in the heart of Nice.
As soon as I walked in this hotel, I fell in love with it. The atmosphere is perfect: it was very relaxing. The staff is also very very kind, especially Alain, who helped us a lot and gave us tips about everything in Cote d'Azur. The breakfast was great and there is also 'happy hour'. When you stay in one of the Happy Culture hotels, you can visit every other hotel, show your roomcard and have sweet bites there, such as cake and muffins, just for free. I love the fact that this hotel is very different from any other one. The rooms are beautiful, the bathroom is very clean, and the hotel is very near the train station (Gare de Nice Ville: 3-minute walk), the shopping centre (10-minute walk) and the beach (13-minute walk). Just take bus 99 -which leaves at Gare de Nice Ville and you'll arrive at the airport in just less than half an hour. I am definitely going to visit this hotel again the next time I am traveling to Nice.

Stars: ****
Address: 58, Rue Hérold, 0600 Nice, France

NEW IN | Chanel logo earrings and brooche

It was two weeks ago when my mom and I decided to go to Conservatorium Hotel (must visit when you are in Amsterdam!). As we were walking to the hotel to grab a cup of coffee, my mom asked me if I wanted to visit P.C Hooftstraat first, of course I could not say no. We did not visit a lot of stores, but where we did went to, was Chanel (our favourite (luxury) brand). The logo earrings are never in stock, so we totally did not expect that they would be available in Amsterdam, normally there is a waiting list.. We asked the employee to show us what jewellery they got in the store, and after literally 8 minutes we were walking out of the store, including a little Chanel bag with two beautiful jewellery pieces in it.
The pieces can be worn together or separately. The brooche is to die for! It has a lot of little zirkonia stones all around the logo (even on the back) and the size is perfect. I am that kind of person who loves to go sale shopping, but is a sucker for designer accessoires, such as bags, scarves, jewellery and shoes..
Anyway, back to the point.. The pieces you see below are gold, although I really love silver, we decided to go for gold, because we wear gold more often than silver (or rose gold).
I remember when I used to have those fake Chanel logo earrings which were huge. Do not blame me, I think I was eleven years old back then.. The fact that I own these beautiful earrings makes me truly happy. I know that there a lot of people who think this it is crazy to spend so much money on jewellery. But not everyone is the same, some people like to spend their money on good wine, some people love to go on vacation five times a year and then there is me, who loves to invest in beautiful jewellery. Also, the price increase of Chanel products is comparable to house prices, which is insane, but at the same time also very nice if you want to sell your Chanel bag in a couple of years for example.
I am in love with the pieces I own now and I cannot wait to expand my collection. I think it will take a while until I own more Chanel items, but oh well.

WISH LIST | The perfect basics

wish list
Nude pink coat: here // pullover: here // black white striped tee: here // red white striped tee: here // Cluse watch: here // Mulberry bag: here // the perfect black jeans: here // flower print sweater: here // heart shaped Chanel earrings: here // black Gucci loafers: here // Chanel bracelet: here // red Chanel nail polish: here // better than my lips Chanel lipstick: here
Every once in a while I upgrade the 'basics' section of my clothing closet. Let's be honest, basics are the most important items of your whole closet, you can combine them with literally anything you have. The perfect pair of black jeans, striped tees, a soft pullover and something lace, a few basic items every girl needs and that are on my wish list as well.
The clothing items you see above are all from Esprit. I used to visit that store every time I went to the mall with my mother, but since the store is gone, I am not up to date of their collection anymore. Too bad! Back to back; to cheer up a basic outfit (don't get me wrong: basic doesn't have to mean that an outfit is boring, for me, basic means 'not over the top') you can add a silk scarf or a lot of dainty jewellery. For example the Chanel earrings. I am so in love with them! They look chique and at the same time very cute and feminine. The velvet watch from Cluse is also the perfect addition to your outfit. The combination of rose gold and burgundy (velvet) is very pretty. You can simply click on the items you like to be redirected to the site!
What's on your wish list?

PERSONAL | What do we live for?

It's so difficult to start writing an article when you don't even know where to start. I just got back from the movies and this one won me over. La La Land, you definitely stole my heart. I feel so inspired and relaxed, which is weird to be honest, I mean, how can one single movie have such an impact like this on someone?
Life is a challenge. You live to survive, but at the same time you need to make sure to get what you want by working for it, whether you have to work very hard for it or not.
I used to blog to show my biggest passion, which was fashion and clothing. I notice that these two things aren't really my thing anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still love shopping and I am still a sucker for shoes and jewellery, but blogging about it as much as I used to do isn't for me anymore. I'd love to post outfit photos etcetera, but maybe later, when I'm ready for it.
For now, I feel like lifestyle related article are more 'me', more Karin. I want to blog when I feel like it, when my mind is full of inspiration, just like now. Also, I love to blog about beautiful cities, cute places and inspiring things that are on my mind. Things that are worth sharing.
I am not changed, I am growing. I still need to figure out what I want, when I want it and how I want it. I think that's more than okay, discovering yourself should be the most beautiful thing that exists.
Speak to you very soon (hopefully). Xx

HOT SPOTS | The best (and most delicious) places in Paris

Ask me my what my favourite city is and I'll respond with 'Paris' every time you ask me. I don't know if it's because of the kind people, beautiful architecture/buildings, the historical places or the delicious food (or maybe just all of them..). For me, Paris is definitely a city I could visit every week. I used to visit it so many times (at least three times a year) and secretly it's my biggest dream to live there. I mean, it's like living a dream, really. To show you my big love for the city of love, macaroons and baguettes, I'll share my favourite places with you today.
Most of the places you see below in Google Maps, are the perfect places for a delicious petit dejeuner, cappuccino or a typical Parisian dinner. However, I couldn't resist and had to add a designer vintage store as well. Read more about my chosen hot spots below!
Valois Vintage Paris is heaven on earth for people who are looking for beautiful vintage designer pieces. From Louis Vuitton Monogram wallets to Hermes bags, everything can be found in this cute shop.
Avenue Montaigne is one of my favourite streets/ neighbourhoods in Paris. I really like the vibe and of course the stores. This is the perfect street for window shopping/ luxury shopping.
When delicious food meets coziness: Carette is one of the best places to eat when you're in Paris. Enjoy their delicious macarons while sitting on the terrace, or stay inside and get a sandwich. Everything is possible!
You can't deny it: Le Café Marly is a restaurant with one hell of a view: Notre Dame! It's open daily until 2AM, which is perfect if you're in Paris for a city trip and you decide to eat somewhere when it's getting late. Also, Rue de Rivoli (street where you can find Le Café Marly) is such a nice street and perfect to go shopping, double yay!

Although most of you know this neighbourhood, I just had to add it to this article. You can't say you've been to Paris if you haven't visited Le Marais. The best shops are in this neighbourhood (which is one of the oldest in Paris), so a 'must see' if you ask me!
My favourite (I know, I know, I have a lot of favourites, please don't blame for this!) café in Le Marais (the neighbourhood I just mentioned), is Le Voltigeur. If you are a coffee lover, you really should visit this place. My Instagram followers have seen a photo of this place once before, so you guys know what I am talking about.
Ralph Lauren even has his own restaurant, named Ralphs. Order a lobster salad and don't forget to order the New York cheesecake after it. Ralphs is located in Saint Germain, near Café de Flore, a very loved café in the heart of Paris. There is even a movie named after one of the oldest coffeehouses of Paris, located at the corner of Boulevard Saint-Germain and Rue Saint-Benoît. Go to this place and you'll see it yourself: it's wonderful and most important: delicious!

Have you ever been to Paris? If yes, what's your favourite place/neighbourhood?

Things that are on my mind | New changes

2017 is the year of.. like.. realizing things. Just kidding, this is the year of changes and achieving goals. I know, it may sound cliche. I feel like this is the year of getting shit done and eventually being proud of everything I will achieve (hopefully).
I have so many plans for this year and I truly hope that in exactly one year from now on, I can proudly say that 2017 was my year and that I could achieve everything the hell I wanted to achieve. Everything is possible, as long as you believe in yourself and don't let opinions from other people affect you.

I really want to start this year by posting new stuff. For example new columns (I remember saying the exact same thing like two years ago, but oh well.. let's try it again). From now on, I will be posting a 'Things that are on my mind' post at least once every two months. This post will include (as the title says) things that I want to 'get rid of'/ tell you, my favourite music, etcetera.

Also, do you remember my hot spot posts? I used to write those posts every now and then, but now I don't. There are so many restaurants/places I want to visit and I can't wait to share them with you. I also want to start posting 'The best places in..' posts. I know so many cute places in for example Paris and I would love to share them as well.
Next week I am going to Drakes concert which I am very looking forward to. Also, I got a new job (at Pandora, how exciting!) and I have got my drivers license since last week. I can't deny it: this new year couldn't start any better.

One thing I am not very sure about is the fact that I write in English. I know a lot of my readers are from Russia, France and other countries, but most of you are Dutch.. I feel like this is such a difficult choice. Should I post in Dutch (back to back), stay posting in English or do both? Decisions, decisions.. I can express myself better when I post in English. I talk to myself in English and I think English (don't tell me I am the only one who talks to herself).