INSPO | Christmas gift ideas (budget proof special)

Christmas is coming, which means it is time to go shopping. However, not for yourself this time! We all know how stressful it is to buy presents, especially when you decide to go to the mall one (or maybe two) day before Christmas..
Let's be honest, online shopping is way easier than real life. You can lay back, stay in your pajamas and eat a chocolate bar without anyone looking at you like you've done something really bad. Online shopping is the best thing ever.
Every year in December, I create a list full of products that are perfect to give to your brother/ mother in law, neighbour, etc.
This year I decided to show you less expensive gift ideas. I think the most expensive product is the Fujifilm polaroid camera (€65). The phone case is from hoesjes-outlet (HOW cute?!). I really love the eyelash beanie, it reminds me of Chiara Ferragni her brand, the only difference is that this beanie is €8. The mermaid blanket is the dream of every girl on earth. All te other products are perfect if you are not someone who likes to go Christmas shopping. Diptyque candle, Chanel make-up (doesn't have to be expensive), ChloĆ© look-a-like wallet.. A girl can never have enough!