FROM ME TO YOU | Merry X-Mas!


I'm currently writing this blog post on my new MacBook Air (thanks Santa!) and decided to leave a short message, I want to wish you all a very nice Christmas, full of joy, happiness, laughter and most important: lots of love. Don't forget that this time of the year is the ultimate chance to make things right and be extra kind to other people. We should all be thankful for everything we have in life, shouldn't we? The fact that there are a lot of people living on this planet who can't even afford 'a typical Christmas dinner', make me very sad to be honest. I am so thankful for the people I am surrounded by, I mean, I have the best family, the sweetest friends I could ever wish for and I have everything AND more.
Again, I wish all of you the best Christmas. To be happy and love is the greatest wish in life.