Yesterday was the day: Karin + Anna went live! We've been working on this project for a little while and now we can proudly say that is our own web shop where you can order (personalized) clutches, phone cases and fur chains. I used to work with brands and companies and now I have my own with my sister, crazy, right? Please don't hesitate to send email to if you would like to collaborate with us. Also, things are not 100 per cent finished yet. The best is yet to come (we need to cross a few more t's), but the most important things is that we are live!
It feels so great to accomplish your goals. 2017 is (hopefully) going to be a great year with even more big projects, crazy ideas and creative things. Please don't forget that the only way to reach your goal is by working hard for it and not listening to negative people around you.
Go go go visit!!