TIP | Fashion hacks/tips every girl needs to know

Organize your closet
And by organize I mean REALLY organize. Are you that kind of girl who can't say goodbye to her clothes? Grab your clothes out of your closet and put the clothes you wear regularly back. Are there items you acutally never wear but don't wanna throw away?  Put everything -together- in a plastic bag or in a seperate part of your closet. If you haven't worn any of those clothes after six months, then you must throw them away. I am doing this currently and I have to say, it really works for me! Also, I have a lot of space in my closet, thank to this 'strategy'.

NEVER go shopping when you're not having your day
Please, just don't. Don't.do.it. I bet you'll get back home with ten shopping bags full of clothes you usually would NEVER EVER wear. ''What was wrong with my while buying this ugly top?'' Well, you were having a bad day and decided to go shopping. Don't go to the mall, lay in bed and watch a movie on Netflix, or grab a cup of coffee with your mom/ bff. But never go shopping when you're having a bad day, please.

Invest in timeless, quality pieces
You can never have too many clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and accessoires, right? However, there are a few items you need to have in your closet that are timeless and made of good quality. You only need one of each, so investing in these items shouldn't be a big deal. For example an LBD, a white tee, the perfect pair of jeans, white sneakers, black boots, a classic blazer...

Don't leave the house when you're not feeling comfortable in your outfit

I was a victim of this problem yesterday morning. I woke up at 7 and I was a little bit in a rush. Usually I always take my time and have plenty of time left, but yesterday was different. Why? Because I didn't feel comfortable in my outfit. Firstly I dress up and then I go downstairs to breakfast and leave for school. While eating breakfast, I was constantly annoyed by my outfit and I decided to switch my outfit literally two minutes before I had to leave the house. Believe it or not, my whole day depends on my outfit. I know it may sound crazy, but when I'm wearing something uncomfortable, I'll be cranky for the rest of the day (shame on me)

A small accessoiy can make a huge difference
Add subtle necklaces to your simple outfit, tie a silk scarf around your bag, wear your blouse backwards, add a brooch to your coat, etcetera. A simply accessory can make your simple outfit look very different. If you would like to try out different styles but are not someone who dares, then simply begin with the details of an outfit. I can guarantee that it will help changing your outfit, but not make your feel insecure about your ootd.