HOT SPOT | Hotel Basss in Paris

Last weekend I got the pleasure to stay at Hotel Basss, a smart boutique hotel in the heart of Paris. I was a last minute decision and afterwards I was very happy that I said yes to this trip. I mean, Paris is always a good idea, right? Especially when you go during the weekend ;-)
Back to the point: Hotel Basss (everytime I say/write the hotel's name, I think about Chuck Bass!) is a trendy hotel in Paris that is perfect if you are planning to go to Paris for a couple of days (personally I think three days is perfect) with your friends, sisters, parents.
We were with three of us, but stayed in a room where four persons could fit in (because of the extra bed in one of the rooms). I keep saying it, but one of the things I really liked about this hotel, was the location. I mean, look at the view we had! People were sitting outside drinking wine, there was a trumpet player who was amusing passerby while it was raining. It was like a real seventies movie and I absolutely loved it.

 The breakfast was nice as well. Don't expext a big breakfast room. Because the hotel itself is not that big (which I'd prefer more than a big ass hotel where you can get lost easily) but very snug and cozy, the 'breakfast room' is a place where you can sit and look outside, while sipping on your tea and eating a croissant. How parisian!
However, there was a thing, one thing that had made me a little bit astonished. The bathroom was small, and by small I mean very small. I get it, the hotel was not that big, but I don't know if we were the only ones with problem, it was kind of weird, because I literally had to look for it since there was no normal door. After ten minutes I found out that there was a hidden door (sliding door). Anyway, it didn't irritate me, because we only stayed there for one night.
To put it briefly, these 32 hours in Paris were great. I was living like a real Parisian, mainly because of Hotel Basss. Eating croissants, drinking coffee, watching people passing by from the balcony, sleeping with an open window to be able to hear people talking French, it was so so great.

Hotel Basss
57, Rue des Absesses
75018 Paris, France