(BEAUTY) REVIEW | Orogold face products (with 24k gold?)

 You read it right, these face products from Orogold contain 24k gold. Gold as an ingredient for your face? I know, it sounds absurd, but I decided to give it a try and I am positive. I decided to ask for advice by sending Orogold an email with the question 'what products are good for my sensitive, dry and acne skin?' I know this is a hard question to answer, because I've tried different products (from KenzoKi to Dermalogica). They adviced me the products you can see in this article. Although they contain (a lot of) ingredients my face is not allowed to be in touch with, the products worked pretty well. The peeling (which needs to be on your face for 30 seconds) works best for me. I was so excited that I let my sister borrow it and she was positive about it as well.
 The packaging is beautiful, the products are doing their job and I am happy. I don't have any experiences with their in-store services (they have a shop in Amsterdam), but I do know that your questions can be answered easily and quickly.
This is the peeling I was talking about. Can you spot the little golden flocks? Believe it or not, it is 24k gold. I couldn't imagine having that on my face, but I am still alive and my skin looks way better than before!
Products in this article:
24k deep moisturizer cream, €198, here
24k vitamin C facial cleanser, €128, here
24k vitamin C booster facial serum, €198, here
24k multi-vitamin (deep) peeling, €198, here