INSPO | Where am I?

Where am I? Am I in a nineties movies where people still send love letters to each other, truly trust each other? Or am I in reality, where people reply to each other messages with 'k'?
I don't know where I am, but one thing I do know is that sometimes I am surrounded by people I don't want to be with and sometimes I am with people who truly love each other. Sometimes I daydream and then I wake up. I wake up from being on a wonderful place not on this planet. It just doesn't look like the world we're in now. By just opening my eyes, I am back in reality. Back in real life. Back in the world where I belong, just like everyone else.
How about you? Where are you?

(BEAUTY) REVIEW | Orogold face products (with 24k gold?)

 You read it right, these face products from Orogold contain 24k gold. Gold as an ingredient for your face? I know, it sounds absurd, but I decided to give it a try and I am positive. I decided to ask for advice by sending Orogold an email with the question 'what products are good for my sensitive, dry and acne skin?' I know this is a hard question to answer, because I've tried different products (from KenzoKi to Dermalogica). They adviced me the products you can see in this article. Although they contain (a lot of) ingredients my face is not allowed to be in touch with, the products worked pretty well. The peeling (which needs to be on your face for 30 seconds) works best for me. I was so excited that I let my sister borrow it and she was positive about it as well.
 The packaging is beautiful, the products are doing their job and I am happy. I don't have any experiences with their in-store services (they have a shop in Amsterdam), but I do know that your questions can be answered easily and quickly.
This is the peeling I was talking about. Can you spot the little golden flocks? Believe it or not, it is 24k gold. I couldn't imagine having that on my face, but I am still alive and my skin looks way better than before!
Products in this article:
24k deep moisturizer cream, €198, here
24k vitamin C facial cleanser, €128, here
24k vitamin C booster facial serum, €198, here
24k multi-vitamin (deep) peeling, €198, here

NEW IN | The very perfect Moschino bag

Ken je dat gevoel wanneer je een bestelling binnen krijgt en je hart spontaan sneller begint te kloppen? Dit gevoel had ik wanneer ik de delivery guy zag met een kartonnen doos waarop Duifhuizen stond. Je had mijn gezicht moeten ziet op dat moment. Spontaan als ik was rende ik naar de deur, trok ik het pakketje (of eigenlijk: big ass box) uit zijn handen zonder mijn handtekening te zetten op het apparaatje (dat altijd zorgt dat je handtekening er heel anders uit ziet dat real life, maar dat terzijde) en verscheurde ik de doos als een gek. 'In het echt is de tas nóg mooier' was het eerste waar ik aan dacht toen ik het uit de plastic verpakking haalde. Ik liet 'm gelijk aan m'n moeder zien (die overigens ook helemaal verliefd werd) en maakte vervolgens tientallen foto's. Een tas bepaalt je outfit. Een tas zorgt voor de puntjes op de i. Een tas maakt het geheel af. Hij is overigens groot. Erg groot, maar niet irritant groot, als je snapt wat ik bedoel. De tas lijkt klein, maar er past zó veel in. Alles wat ik normaal bij me heb, past erin en zelfs nog meer. Ja echt, ik ben blij. Zo blij als.. verzin het zelf maar. Benieuwd naar de rest van de Moschino collectie? Klik dan hier (mits je gek wil worden van de mooie tassen op je beeldscherm). Merci Duifhuizen tassen & koffers voor de prachtige tas, jullie hebben mij helemaal gek gemaakt (en vat dit alsjeblieft zéér positief op).

I don't even know how to start this article. Let me just say that I am more than in love with my new Moschino bag which I got from Duifhuizen. They let me choose a bag from their webshop, and after visiting their online store more than thousand times, I decided to go for this beautiful crossbody bag with adjustable strap. It looks like the bag is pretty small, but it definitely isn't. My wallet, phone, (small) bottle of water, keys and more fit in it. This Moschino bag is literally the definition of perfection. Want to see more Moschino bags? Click here to see more of their beautiful collection. I've always wanted a Moschino bag and now I finally have one. Can you imagine how excited I am to be the owner of this beauty?

TIP | The best Instagram accounts to follow

I love Instagram, even though I don't post that many pics. Discovering new, inspiring accounts is something I love to do. The reason I don't follow many people, is simply because I only follow accounts that I am obsessed with: @queenofjetlags, @maryjosie and @fashioncabine are a few of them. Want to know what accounts I adore? Read on!

The first account I'm obsessed with, is He (I think I have to see 'he') posts the best pictures when it comes to originality, inspiration and style. Please go take a look at his account an you'll see what I mean. His feed is on point and makes me wanna go to a place far away. The pictures have a dreamy vibe, which I love love love.
I discovered this account a couple of days ago and I am already loving it. I love the non realistic vibe and colorful pictures they post. The contrast of real life, art, random pictures and minimalism creates the perfect feed. More accounts like @ass_thetiks please!
It was so difficult picking out photos from this account.. In my opinion, @latenightinparis is one of the best accounts on Instagram. The pictures have a seventies vibe, which I adore. Vintage cars, women with diamonds and inspirational quotes that make you think about life. What more can I ask for?

What accounts are you following on Instagram?