Wish list | Fall, where yo at?

Fall 16
The fact that it's (almost??) Fall makes me wanna go to Zara and shop till I drop. Have you seen their collection? To.Die.For.Literally. My Zara wish list is completely different than the one you see above. Let's say the total amount is less.. I think the items you see in this post are very unique, especially the tops you see. The blouse (right) is from ChloƩ and looks absolutely beautiful. I love this kind of blouses. It's so flowy and cute! Combined with the LV bag and Rolex watch (which matches the Gucci Ace sneakers), oh my! A girl can dream, right..? I won't set this wishlist up as a goal, because the Rolex watch is $47k. Kylie Jenner can't even pay that (kidding, kidding)! Where my lottery at?