TIP | Fashion tips every girl/woman needs to know

Summer '16 is almost ended, which means it's almost Fall, which means my favorite season of the year. Fall is the perfect season to wear layers, leather jackets and scarves without wilting. An oversized sweater with a long blouse underneath it can be worn again and you can shop for new outfits again. In this article I'll share fashion tips every.single.woman needs to know. Read on to discover what I'm talking about!
The first tip is to wear bright, but tertiary colors. Combine dark puple with deep orange, or camo green with burgundy, to get bright yet beautiful outfit combinations.

Throw on a scarf (or two!). I love scarves. They are like the icing on a cake. Just wear a colorful, silk scarf around your neck and you're good to go! It also makes your all black or 'slouchy' outfit look 100 times better (or maybe 1000).

Wear what you like and like what you wear.
Seeing a girl in a striped, body hugging dress that looks beautiful on her, doesn't mean it will look good on you as well. Watch out while going on a shopping spree. Make sure you take someone with you who is honest. Or just go alone! Don't forget to be kind to yourself. You're beautiful just as you are.

Jewellery are like scarves. Wear an outfit without any jewelry and wear the exact same outfit, but this time with three necklaces, a watch, three rings and two bracelets. I bet the second outfit is way better! Jewellery make your outfit complete.

Customize your clothes! Sew little pearls to your jeans, wear satin laces in your sneakers, add a few inches to your dress by sewing a piece of lace fabric underneath it. Go crazy, go original!

Use products differently. This may sound weird, but let me give you examples of what I mean..
Wear your watch around your hand (instead of around your wrist), tie a silk scarf around your bag, wear your blouse the other way around or steal your dad's leather jacket for that perfect oversized look.