PERSONAL | The truth behind blogging

The sun is shining, summer is coming to an end, school has started again and I am writing this article. It's 6 pm and I decided to write about something personal. A little bit about me, about the person behind this blog.
I don't even know how to begin. It all started more than five years ago. Back then, I was twelve years old and decided to do something in my life. ''Having my own blog is the ideal way to show people what I love most, namely fashion.''
Now, more than five years later, I can still call myself a blogger. I have a job that isn't comparable to other jobs that people around me have. But something isn't right. Maybe the fact that my readers don't know what I look like? Every time I go to an event, I recognize other bloggers (girl crushes!!), but it's not mutual. It doesn't matter how badly I would like to post more of myself (outfits, articles of good quality, etc.), it just doesn't feel right and I don't know why. 

But there's more to accomplish. A lot more.

There are so many things I've accomplished because of my blog. But there's more to accomplish. A lot more. Having a blog is one of the better things in life, believe me. You meet inspiring bloggers (I'll post an article that includes my favorite bloggers very soon!), discover more, collaborate with beautiful brands and more.
I am so excited for what the future will bring me. I have many things on my mind that I really want to accomplish when I am older. I mean, I am seventeen years old, I can dream and set goals, right? I hope I can do all these things, share them on my blog and inspire other people.

The best is yet to come.