FAVORITES | Jewelry (Guess (dûh), Cartier & more)

A while ago I posted an article that included my favorite jewelry at that moment. I used to have a lot (lot) of accessoires (such as statement necklaces, rings and bracelets), but now I only have a few pieces of jewelry. I am kind of lying right now, because I still have around twenty necklaces and seven bracelets, but the difference between my collection now and and a few years ago is that I only have real silver and gold jewelry. I really hate having a green finger or wrist after wearing a cheap accessoire for two hours or so. I do have a few statement necklaces that are from H&M etc., but you only see me wearing them like once a week (and I wear jewelry every. single. day.).
For me, wearing a watch, three bracelets, four rings and two necklaces, is comparable to wearing a bra for most women. I just can't leave the house without wearing some pieces. Want to know what pieces I've been wearing lately (mainly silver this time)? Keep on reading (and looking of course ;-))!
These are a few pieces I've been wearing a lot lately. The earrings are very timeless and classy and that's also the reason why I wear them almost everyday! The statement necklace you see, is from H&M and I have this one for as long as I can remember. I really don't get the fact that the color is still perfect, since accessoires from H&M are fake silver and gold. The quality of this necklaces really amazes me, I love it!
I have this Pandora bracelet since my 10th birthday, can you guys believe it? The quality is very good (it kind of has to be.. It was a pretty expensive bracelet) and I wear this piece every time I wear silver jewelry. It just goes with everything and that's the most important thing. Jewelry has to be timeless and made of good quality..
And that's also why I have a Cartier Love ring. I love love love my Cartier pieces. I can sum up more than thousand reasons, but let's keep it simple: it's simple, yet elegant.
 The DKNY used to be my sister's ring, but she gave it to me a couple of years ago. I don't even know how old this ring is, but you can clearly see it by the amount of diamonds it has lost. I don't mind, because it was of my sister, so every time I wear it, it reminds me of her.

Please tell me I am not the only one who can't leave the house without any jewelry!


  1. Ik ben gek op sieraden en heb altijd wat om!
    Ik ben vooral fan van mijn pandora armband, de past overal ook goed bij.