PERSONAL | I'm back and I'm better

Didn't know it was so hard to combine my personal life with my social life. But I am finally back after being absent for more than a month (oh my god, is this you, Karin?)! I -unofficially have vacation now, which means I have more than enough times for fun things, for example blogging. I am going to Amsterdam Fashion Week with my sweet girlfriend and before that we are going to have lunch in the city. So looking forward to that? Also, I am very busy behind the scenes of Karin + Anna Official. Hopefully it will be launched in less than a month. For everyone who is curious, you can see a sneak peek of one of the designs in this article! Just to let you know: it is a personalised clutch, so it's up to you what letter(s) you want us to apply on the clutch! I love love love it and I can't wait to take it with my to AFW Friday! I also have a phone case, which looks very nice combined with the clutch.
I am back and I am better! Speak you very soon.. XO