WISH LIST | Louis V and Tommy H

June wishlist
It's almost June, so time for a new wishlist. I can't believe it's already the sixth month of 2016.. There are so many exciting things coming my way (my birthday, my own brand, holidays..)!
While I was doing my homework yesterday evening, I decided to create a wish list. Actually, I don't wanna call this a wish list, because there is nothing special on it, but there are a few items I really really want: tulle skirt, platform boots (I already have a pair, but you can never have enough, right?), a Louis Vuitton bracelet (I already have one in mind and I can't stop thinking about it), the perfect boyfriend/mom jeans, a blouse with ruches (BIG ruches) and many many more things (oops)..
What's on your wish list/ to buy list?
p.s. School asks so much time and effort. Not that I have to learn for tests or something, but most days I am home around 5:30 pm and believe me, after that, all you wanna do when you arrive home after a long day, is lay in bed and watch series.. So that's basically the reason behind the lack of posts lately.. Oops!