People who follow their dreams really inspire me. Why? Because when I see these people and hear their stories, it makes me happy to see that there are still men/women/boys/girls who are strong and don't give up on their goals. Being one of these people, gives me a good feeling. A feeling that gives you strength and makes me believe in myself.
karin-anna.com is almost finished and will be online sooner than you think. It's a lot of work to design your very own brand/company, but at then end, it's more than worth it. The imagination that girls will be visiting your webshop with the intention to order something, literally gives me gooseflesh. The imagination that soon I will be walking on the street with my very own design, makes me crazy (in a very good way of course). It won't be an Etsy shop or something, it's going to be a real one. So please don't forget to -once we are officialy online- scroll down and click on bloggers to collaborate with us! We don't really care about the unique visitors or pageviews. We want to know how excited you are to be part of the fam and how your connection is with your followers. Are you as excited as I am? ;-)
p.s. The clutch you see above, will probably be one of the designs, yess!! (it's NOT done yet, this is just a sample)