I can describe myself as a person who doesn't like not being ambitious. As a young kid, I always wrote little stories and dreamed about having my own book. I didn't want to become a princess or something like that. No, the only thing I could think about was being recognised by people I don't know (because of my 'fame'). You might be thinking this now: but how do you want to achieve this, while you don't even post a pic of your face on the internet? I guarantee you that things are going to change. But I am not talking about my blog, I am talking about something VERY big and exciting. My sister and I used to begin our own.. something. We had a bunch of inspiration and a lot ideas, but time after time, it didn't work out, or we lost our excitement through the process. I think we had this feeling like four or maybe five times, but now I can proudly announce that my sister and I will be having our very own brand Karin + Anna Official.
My sister is very good at dreaming big (and by big I mean VERY big). I like to keep things realistic, so having and supporting each other is perfect and (hopefully) the key to success.
Words can't describe how it feels to announce this great news. I have a good feeling (unlike the previous times/ideas) and I am 110% sure you guys are going to love it. I can't tell you a lot yet, but if you want tot stay up to date, please don't forget to follow us on instagram: @karinannaofficial. We already have our own website (which is in progress, but will be online sooner than you think).
Hint: it's all about the pic you see in this post > I told you that you'll love it!