WISH LIST | Let's talk fashion

Having these items in my wardrobe would make me the happiest girl on earth. Unfornately, however, owning all these things is easier said than done. I decided to create a wishlist on Polyvore without looking at the brands/ prices. The result? The total value of this wish list is €17593 and I don't know whether this gives me the motivation to look for a job or stop shopping for ten years.
Almost forgot to tell: A couple of days ago, I (fi-na-lly) reserved a dark blue Kenzo tee which I've been wanting for almost two years now. First, I didn't know what model (tee or sweater) I wanted, but after doubting for way too long, I can finally say that I'll be the owner of a dark blue Kenzo tee in -I hope- less than two months. Can't believe I put so much effort in ordering a tee with a simple tiger head on it. It was sold out everytime I wanted to order one, so you can imagine how happy I have been since I reserved the dark blue tee, yay!
The Cartier Love bracelet is on top of my wish list. You may think now 'but you already have one?' Well, as some of you might know, Kylizzle has more than six Love bracelets and I think that looks more than perfect. Imagine having all those bracelets around your wrist! I think my next Cartier bracelet will be a silver one with diamonds, however, the Juste Un Clou looks pretty as well..
What's on your wish list?