HOT SPOTS | The best places to eat (in Amsterdam)

De laatste keer dat ik goede restaurants in Amsterdam met jullie deelde kan ik me niet eens meer herinneren, dus hierbij! Ik heb afgelopen tijd onwijs veel goede plekjes ontdekt in mijn favoriete stad, dus lees snel verder als je nog op zoek bent naar een plek om te lunchen/ dineren!

I can't even remember the last time I shared some good places in Amsterdam with you, so I decided to post this article and share hot spots in my favorite city with you! I've seen many (beautiful) countries, but Amsterdam is still on top of my 'favorite cities' list.

Rokin 81, 1012 KL Amsterdam
People's place no5
Stadhouderskade 5, 1054 ES Amsterdam
Spuistraat 175, 1012 VN Amsterdam
Harbour Club
Cruquiusweg 67,  1019 AT Amsterdam
Van Dam Brasserie
Cornelis Schuytstraat 8-10, 1071 JH Amsterdam
Wolvenstraat 16, 1016 EP Amsterdam
Hoxton Hotel
Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ Amsterdam

TIP | From head to toe winter tips

Temperatures have dropped to unbearable levels in most parts of The Netherlands. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but let's be honest, it's impossible to leave the house without a warm coat and gloves. Today's post is all about how to keep your fashionable and health living during the winter season.

Let your coat steal the show
People who know me well, know that I am obsessed with statement coats. Wearing a coat that pretty much steals the show, means that you don't need to worry about the rest of your outfit. That's a win-win situation, isn't it?

Since the skin on your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body, make sure you use an oil-based moisturizer. Oil forms a protective layer on your skin and moisturizes on your face.

Whether it's summer or winter, Vaseline is and will always be my best friend. I apply vaseline on my lips literally every morning. It's become an important part of my morning routine and believe me, vaseline is way better than Labello. I also apply it on my eyebrows (thick eyebrows probs). Prefer to wear lip balm? Make sure you have one with an SPF 15 sun-block. Are your lips starting to crack? Try to find a balm that includes tea tree oil.

Invest in cashmere
It's not the cheapest fabric, but it's definitely warm and super stylish.

Exfoliate your skin once a week
Purchase an at-home chemical peel to help your skin moisturizing.

Avoid alcohol-heavy products
As some of you might know, alcohol dries the skin. Please be careful with hair products with a heavy alcohol content, because it will dry your scalp. And believe me, that's something you want to avoid during the winter season.

INSPO | It's all in the details

I think nude shades are the best colors on earth. Whether for make-up, clothes, shoes or bags. You can see I am really into these colors lately. I wish I had a walk in closet full of nude clothes, that would be so great! These shades are so timeless and easy to combine. Unfornately nude colors don't look good on everyone, so you have to be careful when you buy something in that shade. I don't own many nude-colored items, but I am 100% sure that after creating this post, my next purchase will be an écru colored item.

WISH LIST | Let's talk fashion

Having these items in my wardrobe would make me the happiest girl on earth. Unfornately, however, owning all these things is easier said than done. I decided to create a wishlist on Polyvore without looking at the brands/ prices. The result? The total value of this wish list is €17593 and I don't know whether this gives me the motivation to look for a job or stop shopping for ten years.
Almost forgot to tell: A couple of days ago, I (fi-na-lly) reserved a dark blue Kenzo tee which I've been wanting for almost two years now. First, I didn't know what model (tee or sweater) I wanted, but after doubting for way too long, I can finally say that I'll be the owner of a dark blue Kenzo tee in -I hope- less than two months. Can't believe I put so much effort in ordering a tee with a simple tiger head on it. It was sold out everytime I wanted to order one, so you can imagine how happy I have been since I reserved the dark blue tee, yay!
The Cartier Love bracelet is on top of my wish list. You may think now 'but you already have one?' Well, as some of you might know, Kylizzle has more than six Love bracelets and I think that looks more than perfect. Imagine having all those bracelets around your wrist! I think my next Cartier bracelet will be a silver one with diamonds, however, the Juste Un Clou looks pretty as well..
What's on your wish list?