WISHES | Things I want to do/ accomplish next year

For many people, a new year means a fresh start. I agree with that, but at the same time I think that a new year isn't something that special. I mean, what's the difference between the first of January 2017 and December 30, 2016? Exactly, it's just another day of our lives. However, the thought and fact that 2016 is slowly coming to an end, gives us the feeling that we need to change. It's like going to another school or switch to a new job, right? I am that kind of person who has (a lot of) resolutions for the new year. Personally, I think 2017 will be one of the most important years of my life.

First of all, I really want my blog to grow a little bit more. I absolutely love everything about blogging and I haven't thought about quitting once. I've been blogging for five and a half years (crazy, right?) and I can't wait to celebrate more years. However, I notice that there a lot of people nowadays who are calling themselves 'online influencer', 'blogger', etcetera. When I started blogging (2011), I had to explain to people what it was. 'You have your own blog? I don't get it, can you tell me more about it?' Now people are like 'oh, you're just another blogger' But one thing they don't know is that I have been doing this since such a long time. People can't just simply distinguish new and 'old' bloggers, unfortunately it doesn't work like that.
Anyway, back to the point. Something I really want to accomplish is a growing blog. This also means that I have to come up with new ideas and be more original. Hopefully I'll be having plenty of time from May on. I am already excited and looking forward to everything.

The second thing I want to do is travel more. I really want to go to Dubai again and visit Paris at least once. USA are on top of my list, but the problem is: NY or LA? Or maybe Las Vegas? There are so many other beautiful places I want to visit, I don't even know where to travel to first. Marrakech, Australia, Hawaii, Thailand... Oh well, we'll see.

Blogging has a lot of advantages, for example going to (press) events and meet other bloggers. Not everyone knows who I am/ recognises me, I really hope this is going to change next year. There are so many sweet girls I want to talk to in real life. Let's hope this will happen in 2017.

These are just three resolutions for the upcoming year. Of course I have many more, but writing a blog post about ALL of them will be way too much.
What are your intentions?

INSPIRATION | Bisous bisous

29th of December, 2016. Time flies, literally.
I just got back from a day in Amsterdam with my sweet friend, luckily we live very nearby so we could take our time and shop till we drop. We went to Love Stories, Episode and many more cute stores. Living in a village has its advantages, but going to a big city full of tourists that are taking pictures all the time of literally everything they see and the dirty smell of weed can be nice as well. Luckily I live very nearby, so going to Amsterdam is something I do quite a lot of times. After coming back, I decided to post an inspiration post. I don't know why, but every time I come home from Amsterdam (or another big city, it doesn't really matter which one), I'm very inspired..

FROM ME TO YOU | Merry X-Mas!

Source: www.instagram.com/njwhite

I'm currently writing this blog post on my new MacBook Air (thanks Santa!) and decided to leave a short message, I want to wish you all a very nice Christmas, full of joy, happiness, laughter and most important: lots of love. Don't forget that this time of the year is the ultimate chance to make things right and be extra kind to other people. We should all be thankful for everything we have in life, shouldn't we? The fact that there are a lot of people living on this planet who can't even afford 'a typical Christmas dinner', make me very sad to be honest. I am so thankful for the people I am surrounded by, I mean, I have the best family, the sweetest friends I could ever wish for and I have everything AND more.
Again, I wish all of you the best Christmas. To be happy and love is the greatest wish in life.

PERSONAL | 2017, I can't wait to meet you

We don't change for other people, we change because we constantly learn from ourselves who we excactly are. I am only seventeen years old, which means there are a lot of things waiting for me, being so young has a lot of advantages, for example discovering who you want to be and who you want be surrounded by.
2016 was not a bad year for me. Now I know which people are worth my time and which ain't shit. What 2016 also teached me is how to set priorities. First think about yourself before helping other people. We need to learn the difference between 'want' and 'need'.
I remember last year's article on my blog (click), where you can read about not letting opinions from others affect you. I am so happy this is not happening to me (anymore). I used to listen to other people all the time, but now I know that we need to follow our own intuition instead of listening to people we are surrounded by. You know yourself more than others, so why would you listen to them instead of yourself? Don't get me wrong, sometimes my friends say something to me (advice, etc) and I'm like 'what would I do without you?', but when it comes to yourself and your own, personal decisions, please make sure you listen to yourself and won't be affected by others' opinions.

GO GO GO FOR IT GIRL!Want to raise your middle finger to someone you hate from the bottom of your heart? What are you waiting for, go girl! Want to tell your best friend you love her? Grab your phone and make a call! When you want something, make sure you do it, I guarantee, it's one of the best feelings ever. I am already looking forward to 2017, because this will definitely be the year of realizing things (I'm so sorry, I just had to) going after your wishes/goals and make them come true. If school won't mess up, I am 100% sure next year will be great. I don't think I've ever been this excited!

What have you learned in 2016?

INSPO | Christmas gift ideas (budget proof special)

Christmas is coming, which means it is time to go shopping. However, not for yourself this time! We all know how stressful it is to buy presents, especially when you decide to go to the mall one (or maybe two) day before Christmas..
Let's be honest, online shopping is way easier than real life. You can lay back, stay in your pajamas and eat a chocolate bar without anyone looking at you like you've done something really bad. Online shopping is the best thing ever.
Every year in December, I create a list full of products that are perfect to give to your brother/ mother in law, neighbour, etc.
This year I decided to show you less expensive gift ideas. I think the most expensive product is the Fujifilm polaroid camera (€65). The phone case is from hoesjes-outlet (HOW cute?!). I really love the eyelash beanie, it reminds me of Chiara Ferragni her brand, the only difference is that this beanie is €8. The mermaid blanket is the dream of every girl on earth. All te other products are perfect if you are not someone who likes to go Christmas shopping. Diptyque candle, Chanel make-up (doesn't have to be expensive), Chloé look-a-like wallet.. A girl can never have enough!


Yesterday was the day: Karin + Anna went live! We've been working on this project for a little while and now we can proudly say that www.karin-anna.com is our own web shop where you can order (personalized) clutches, phone cases and fur chains. I used to work with brands and companies and now I have my own with my sister, crazy, right? Please don't hesitate to send email to bloggers@karin-anna.com if you would like to collaborate with us. Also, things are not 100 per cent finished yet. The best is yet to come (we need to cross a few more t's), but the most important things is that we are live!
It feels so great to accomplish your goals. 2017 is (hopefully) going to be a great year with even more big projects, crazy ideas and creative things. Please don't forget that the only way to reach your goal is by working hard for it and not listening to negative people around you.
Go go go visit karin-anna.com!!

TIP | Fashion hacks/tips every girl needs to know

Organize your closet
And by organize I mean REALLY organize. Are you that kind of girl who can't say goodbye to her clothes? Grab your clothes out of your closet and put the clothes you wear regularly back. Are there items you acutally never wear but don't wanna throw away?  Put everything -together- in a plastic bag or in a seperate part of your closet. If you haven't worn any of those clothes after six months, then you must throw them away. I am doing this currently and I have to say, it really works for me! Also, I have a lot of space in my closet, thank to this 'strategy'.

NEVER go shopping when you're not having your day
Please, just don't. Don't.do.it. I bet you'll get back home with ten shopping bags full of clothes you usually would NEVER EVER wear. ''What was wrong with my while buying this ugly top?'' Well, you were having a bad day and decided to go shopping. Don't go to the mall, lay in bed and watch a movie on Netflix, or grab a cup of coffee with your mom/ bff. But never go shopping when you're having a bad day, please.

Invest in timeless, quality pieces
You can never have too many clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and accessoires, right? However, there are a few items you need to have in your closet that are timeless and made of good quality. You only need one of each, so investing in these items shouldn't be a big deal. For example an LBD, a white tee, the perfect pair of jeans, white sneakers, black boots, a classic blazer...

Don't leave the house when you're not feeling comfortable in your outfit

I was a victim of this problem yesterday morning. I woke up at 7 and I was a little bit in a rush. Usually I always take my time and have plenty of time left, but yesterday was different. Why? Because I didn't feel comfortable in my outfit. Firstly I dress up and then I go downstairs to breakfast and leave for school. While eating breakfast, I was constantly annoyed by my outfit and I decided to switch my outfit literally two minutes before I had to leave the house. Believe it or not, my whole day depends on my outfit. I know it may sound crazy, but when I'm wearing something uncomfortable, I'll be cranky for the rest of the day (shame on me)

A small accessoiy can make a huge difference
Add subtle necklaces to your simple outfit, tie a silk scarf around your bag, wear your blouse backwards, add a brooch to your coat, etcetera. A simply accessory can make your simple outfit look very different. If you would like to try out different styles but are not someone who dares, then simply begin with the details of an outfit. I can guarantee that it will help changing your outfit, but not make your feel insecure about your ootd.

EVENT | Paul's Boutique Exclusive Style Blogger Event

Neon detail: Paul's Boutique bags always use a touch of neon to their bags. Look at the bright straps, I love it!

The perfect color for this season!
Look at that print! The combination of nude and bright orange is definitely eye-catching, if you ask me.
The perfect bags for a sunny holiday destination. This color makes me so happy! Also, the designs are very nice.
Oh Paul, your designs steal my heart. Look at it, just look at it! Lacquer, warm tones, nude, metallic, silver, minimalistic. They have everthing..
Last Sunday was the day: I got the pleasure to attend the third edition of the Paul's Boutique ESBE! An evening full of happiness, bloggers, laughter and not to forget: bags! It was like heaven on earth, all those bags were screaming my name and I didn't know where to look at. You could find literally every color, print and design. From bright colors such as yellow, to warm colors which were perfect for the Fall season. Thank God for Paul's Boutique.

I was so so lucky I didn't travel by train that day. We received a huge (and by huge I mean very huge) goodiebag full of products, including the Exclusive Blogger Bag (sold exclusively at Brandfield NL), a beautiful wallet, OPI nailpolish, Glamour magazine, and a beautiful silver plated bracelet for Heart To Get. I remember visiting this brand in De Bijenkorf and telling my mom how much in love I was with their jewelry. Now I finally own a beautiful piece from them! The bracelet can be found on Brandfield NL as well: click!

This event was definitely one of my favourites. I am already excited for the next one. Thank you Paul's Boutique (and all other brands that are listed down below) for the pleasure and opportunity!
@brandfieldnl – www.brandfield.nl  (verkooplink naar de tas vind je hierboven in de mail)
@djspinkit – www.spinkit.nl
@hardyswines - http://hardyswines.com/
@glamournl – www.glamour.nl
@tonyschocolonely – http://www.tonyschocolonely.com
@lanzabenelux – www.lanza.nl
@opinl – www.opi.nl
@redbullned –  www.redbull.com
@bosworld – www.bosbrands.com
@ams_indvdu  – https://indvdu.nl/
@cindydamen_     www.cindydamen.com

WIN WIN WIN | Loavies bralette (+ one more item!)

Shame on me, de laatste keer dat er een winactie op mijn blog verscheen kan ik me niet eens meer herinneren.. De feestdagen komen langzamerhand dichterbij, dus tijd om iets weg te geven!
Samen met Loavies heb ik speciaal voor jullie -als bedankje- een winactie. Je maakt namelijk kans op een prachtige, kanten bralette. Super mooi onder een sweater die wat losser valt zodat je een stukje bralette ziet, of onder een doorschijnende top. Perfect voor de aankomende feestdagen dus! Het is een maat L, maar trek je hier niet veel van aan. Hij is namelijk verstelbaar, dus voor de meeste van ons gewoon draagbaar ;-)
Naast deze mooie bralette krijg je er nóg iets bij. Hint: kledingstuk, kant en perfect voor de feestdagen. Ik garandeer je dat je er verliefd op gaat worden!
Meedoen is súper makkelijk. Om kans te maken moet je:
- Loavies volgen op Instagram. Klik hier
- Een reactie achterlaten met daarin je e-mailadres (zodat ik je kan contacteren mits je hebt gewonnen)
Je hebt t/m 30 november de tijd om mee te doen, 1 december stuur ik de winnares een mailtje.
Good luck!

TRAVEL | Let's go back to Paris

Two weekends ago I was in Paris (the most beautiful city in the world). I've been to Paris may times, so this time we decided to do it differently: instead of visiting touristic places, we went to cute and less popular neighbourhoods. It was great, the sun was shining (on the second day) and it was like a real seventies movie. We were drinking coffee at Le Voltigeur and there was a girl sitting next to me. She was alone and had her drawing book with her. I loved seeing everyone actually talking to each other instead of being on their phones. It made me smile and I wish I was there now. Maybe soon.. I hope to go very soon again, because Paris Couture Week is in January. Let's hop

INSPIRATION | Converse All Stars (Kortingbox)

Zeg nou eens eerlijk, je hebt vast weleens een paar All Stars in bezit gehad, en misschien nu nog steeds. Ik herinner mijn eerste keer nog alsof het gisteren was: hoge, grijze All Stars. Ik droeg ze zó ontzettend vaak (vind je het gek? Ze lopen héérlijk), dat er langzaamaan gaten in kwamen. Ik, met mijn domme kop, besloot ze dus weg te gooien, maar zeg nou eerlijk, All Stars horen toch júist die versleten look te hebben? I know, I know, erg stom (én dom) van me, ik denk er nog elke dag aan..
Back to the point, als je mij vraagt wat ik de beste uitvinding vind van de hele geschiedenis, hoor je mij maar één ding zeggen: Converse.
Speciaal omdat ik zo'n fan ben van meneer Taylor, heb ik een korte (maar zéker krachtige) tijdlijn gemaakt van deze fantastische man, of eigenlijk, zijn merk.
 Dat All Stars goed worden verkocht, weet iedereen wel. Maar dat er in 1997 maar liefst 550 miljoen zijn verkocht, zette mij wel even aan het nadenken. 550 miljoen paar, dat is ongelooflijk veel..
Simpele jeans, wit shirt, leren jas, All Stars en you're good to go. Maar celebrities denken daar heel anders over. In plaats van mooie hakken te dragen van Aquazzura of Gianvito Rossi, besloot Kristen Stewart haar classic Converse de kast uit te trekken. En to be honest, het staat haar goed ook.

 Al draagt ze een vuilniszak, Rihanna ziet er altijd goed uit. Ondanks bovenstaande outfit erg in was tien jaar geleden en tegenwoordig niet zo snel meer zou worden gedragen, zijn de All Stars wel ge-wel-dig. De eerste 60 jaar waren All Stars alleen te koop in vijf kleuren. Moet je nagaan.. Tegenwoordig vind je ze in allerlei modellen en kleuren. Maison Martin Margiela, Comme des Garçons..
Chiara Ferragni is er ook groot fan van. Ze is vaak gespot met de classics. Gecombineerd met haar Hermes tas en een simpel gestreepte trui, ziet ze er zoals áltijd weer onwijs leuk uit. Zo zie je maar dat je niet veel nodig hebt om op te vallen. Ok,é oké, laten we de tas dan even wegdenken...

Na het schrijven van dit artikel heb ik de neiging om gelijk een paar te bestellen. All Stars zijn in de loop der tijd duurder geworden. Terwijl ze eerst 5 tientjes waren, betaal je nu al gauw €70 voor een paar. Máár, dit weerhoudt mij er niet van om toch een paar te bestellen. Thank God voor Kortingbox, een site waarop allerlei kortingscodes staan. Zo kan ik tóch nog een paar bestellen met korting. Kijk 's aan, dat scheelt me mooi een tientje! Benieuwd geworden? Check hier de kortingscodes voor bijvoorbeeld Zalando. Shop ze!

HOT SPOT | Hotel Basss in Paris

Last weekend I got the pleasure to stay at Hotel Basss, a smart boutique hotel in the heart of Paris. I was a last minute decision and afterwards I was very happy that I said yes to this trip. I mean, Paris is always a good idea, right? Especially when you go during the weekend ;-)
Back to the point: Hotel Basss (everytime I say/write the hotel's name, I think about Chuck Bass!) is a trendy hotel in Paris that is perfect if you are planning to go to Paris for a couple of days (personally I think three days is perfect) with your friends, sisters, parents.
We were with three of us, but stayed in a room where four persons could fit in (because of the extra bed in one of the rooms). I keep saying it, but one of the things I really liked about this hotel, was the location. I mean, look at the view we had! People were sitting outside drinking wine, there was a trumpet player who was amusing passerby while it was raining. It was like a real seventies movie and I absolutely loved it.

 The breakfast was nice as well. Don't expext a big breakfast room. Because the hotel itself is not that big (which I'd prefer more than a big ass hotel where you can get lost easily) but very snug and cozy, the 'breakfast room' is a place where you can sit and look outside, while sipping on your tea and eating a croissant. How parisian!
However, there was a thing, one thing that had made me a little bit astonished. The bathroom was small, and by small I mean very small. I get it, the hotel was not that big, but I don't know if we were the only ones with problem, it was kind of weird, because I literally had to look for it since there was no normal door. After ten minutes I found out that there was a hidden door (sliding door). Anyway, it didn't irritate me, because we only stayed there for one night.
To put it briefly, these 32 hours in Paris were great. I was living like a real Parisian, mainly because of Hotel Basss. Eating croissants, drinking coffee, watching people passing by from the balcony, sleeping with an open window to be able to hear people talking French, it was so so great.

Hotel Basss
57, Rue des Absesses
75018 Paris, France

PERSONAL | Life is a one time offer, use it well

I don't even know how to begin this post. Having a blog has a lot of advantages, one of them is the fact that you can express yourself or your feelings with the rest of the world, something I'm going to do in today's blog post.

There are so many things on my mind that I can't tell other people. Things like 'why can't people just be honest with each other?' or 'is it that difficult to be kind to someone else?'.
Source: WeHeartit
I am that kind of person who finds it really difficult to show other people how she really is. I always struggle with showing how and who I really am. This leads to arrogance and even being mean to others. But am I like this because the people I am surrounded by are not the ones I want to be with, or is it because I just don't know who I am yet?
I am that kind of person who can't be real/best friends with others, simply because nowadays no one can be trusted. For example, when you're surrounded by people who constantly lie to each other and gossip, you'll slowly (whether you want it or not) become one of them. When I feel too attracted to people (don't get me wrong, I am not talking about love, but about friendship), I automatically withdraw. I immediately tell myself I am not allowed to get too close to them, before you know things can go completely wrong.

This day two years ago was completely different and this day last year was as well. We change, we grow and we learn to love ourselves first, maybe this is something I still need to learn. Because truly loving someone else is pretty difficult when you don't even love yourself enough. Sometimes we need to step back to be able to move forward again. There can't be an up when there is no down. But that's how life is.
People come and people go. Then they come again and leave, this time forever. People make fun of you, they embarrass, just to make themselves feel better. I'd say: smile until you make them jealous.

The reason I decided to publish this article, is because I really had to release my thoughts. Sometimes it's good to let other people know how you really feel about some things in life.

FASHION | The best trends (Gucci comeback?)

Fashion Week is over (for a while now), which means we are all up to date of the upcoming trends. Personally, I love watching the shows on my app. Also, I follow a lot of Instagram accounts that post streetstyle photos of famous people/ it-girls before and after the shows. This gives me so much inspiration when I am in need of some! Because Fashion Week is my favorite period of the year, I decided to post an article that includes my favorite trends for upcoming season(s).
I know these items aren't all from the SS17 collection,
but these are just my favorite items that I wanted to show you as an example
Let's put Gucci in the spot lights. If you ask me, I think Gucci used to be a brand that sells those super ugly brown monogram sneakers, click here if you don't know what I mean. But now, a couple of years later, Gucci is the most improved designer brand. I adore every single piece they sell. Their monogram bags with patches and diamonds, the Ace sneakers with pearls and hearts, the flowered wallets and so much more. Every time I visit the Gucci store at De Bijenkorf, it's like I am in heaven for a moment.

The next trend I absolutely love (and which I currently can't name because I forgot how to describe it), is the gold buttoned trend or however you would like to call it. I love coats with golden buttons, I really think it makes your outfit look way more chique and 'expensive'. I am not a Balmain type of girl, but I do like the coats/ jackets they sell. There are more than enough look-a-likes though, so don't worry, you don't need to spend more than $5000 on a jacket. Thank God Zara sells a lot of beautiful coats with golden buttons as well, which are way way way less expensive (think about $100).

Something I really like, but also don't know if it's made for me, is the velvet trend. I don't know if it's because I've never owned something velvet before or because I just don't like the feeling of the fabric, but velvet is definitely something we will be seeing a lot this season. From simple tees, to knee high boots. The more, the better!
Zuhair Murad
Dolce & Gabbana

Source: Vogue

INSPO | Where am I?

Where am I? Am I in a nineties movies where people still send love letters to each other, truly trust each other? Or am I in reality, where people reply to each other messages with 'k'?
I don't know where I am, but one thing I do know is that sometimes I am surrounded by people I don't want to be with and sometimes I am with people who truly love each other. Sometimes I daydream and then I wake up. I wake up from being on a wonderful place not on this planet. It just doesn't look like the world we're in now. By just opening my eyes, I am back in reality. Back in real life. Back in the world where I belong, just like everyone else.
How about you? Where are you?

(BEAUTY) REVIEW | Orogold face products (with 24k gold?)

 You read it right, these face products from Orogold contain 24k gold. Gold as an ingredient for your face? I know, it sounds absurd, but I decided to give it a try and I am positive. I decided to ask for advice by sending Orogold an email with the question 'what products are good for my sensitive, dry and acne skin?' I know this is a hard question to answer, because I've tried different products (from KenzoKi to Dermalogica). They adviced me the products you can see in this article. Although they contain (a lot of) ingredients my face is not allowed to be in touch with, the products worked pretty well. The peeling (which needs to be on your face for 30 seconds) works best for me. I was so excited that I let my sister borrow it and she was positive about it as well.
 The packaging is beautiful, the products are doing their job and I am happy. I don't have any experiences with their in-store services (they have a shop in Amsterdam), but I do know that your questions can be answered easily and quickly.
This is the peeling I was talking about. Can you spot the little golden flocks? Believe it or not, it is 24k gold. I couldn't imagine having that on my face, but I am still alive and my skin looks way better than before!
Products in this article:
24k deep moisturizer cream, €198, here
24k vitamin C facial cleanser, €128, here
24k vitamin C booster facial serum, €198, here
24k multi-vitamin (deep) peeling, €198, here

NEW IN | The very perfect Moschino bag

Ken je dat gevoel wanneer je een bestelling binnen krijgt en je hart spontaan sneller begint te kloppen? Dit gevoel had ik wanneer ik de delivery guy zag met een kartonnen doos waarop Duifhuizen stond. Je had mijn gezicht moeten ziet op dat moment. Spontaan als ik was rende ik naar de deur, trok ik het pakketje (of eigenlijk: big ass box) uit zijn handen zonder mijn handtekening te zetten op het apparaatje (dat altijd zorgt dat je handtekening er heel anders uit ziet dat real life, maar dat terzijde) en verscheurde ik de doos als een gek. 'In het echt is de tas nóg mooier' was het eerste waar ik aan dacht toen ik het uit de plastic verpakking haalde. Ik liet 'm gelijk aan m'n moeder zien (die overigens ook helemaal verliefd werd) en maakte vervolgens tientallen foto's. Een tas bepaalt je outfit. Een tas zorgt voor de puntjes op de i. Een tas maakt het geheel af. Hij is overigens groot. Erg groot, maar niet irritant groot, als je snapt wat ik bedoel. De tas lijkt klein, maar er past zó veel in. Alles wat ik normaal bij me heb, past erin en zelfs nog meer. Ja echt, ik ben blij. Zo blij als.. verzin het zelf maar. Benieuwd naar de rest van de Moschino collectie? Klik dan hier (mits je gek wil worden van de mooie tassen op je beeldscherm). Merci Duifhuizen tassen & koffers voor de prachtige tas, jullie hebben mij helemaal gek gemaakt (en vat dit alsjeblieft zéér positief op).

I don't even know how to start this article. Let me just say that I am more than in love with my new Moschino bag which I got from Duifhuizen. They let me choose a bag from their webshop, and after visiting their online store more than thousand times, I decided to go for this beautiful crossbody bag with adjustable strap. It looks like the bag is pretty small, but it definitely isn't. My wallet, phone, (small) bottle of water, keys and more fit in it. This Moschino bag is literally the definition of perfection. Want to see more Moschino bags? Click here to see more of their beautiful collection. I've always wanted a Moschino bag and now I finally have one. Can you imagine how excited I am to be the owner of this beauty?

TIP | The best Instagram accounts to follow

I love Instagram, even though I don't post that many pics. Discovering new, inspiring accounts is something I love to do. The reason I don't follow many people, is simply because I only follow accounts that I am obsessed with: @queenofjetlags, @maryjosie and @fashioncabine are a few of them. Want to know what accounts I adore? Read on!

The first account I'm obsessed with, is @elbaz.paris. He (I think I have to see 'he') posts the best pictures when it comes to originality, inspiration and style. Please go take a look at his account an you'll see what I mean. His feed is on point and makes me wanna go to a place far away. The pictures have a dreamy vibe, which I love love love.
I discovered this account a couple of days ago and I am already loving it. I love the non realistic vibe and colorful pictures they post. The contrast of real life, art, random pictures and minimalism creates the perfect feed. More accounts like @ass_thetiks please!
It was so difficult picking out photos from this account.. In my opinion, @latenightinparis is one of the best accounts on Instagram. The pictures have a seventies vibe, which I adore. Vintage cars, women with diamonds and inspirational quotes that make you think about life. What more can I ask for?

What accounts are you following on Instagram?

Wish list | Fall, where yo at?

Fall 16
The fact that it's (almost??) Fall makes me wanna go to Zara and shop till I drop. Have you seen their collection? To.Die.For.Literally. My Zara wish list is completely different than the one you see above. Let's say the total amount is less.. I think the items you see in this post are very unique, especially the tops you see. The blouse (right) is from Chloé and looks absolutely beautiful. I love this kind of blouses. It's so flowy and cute! Combined with the LV bag and Rolex watch (which matches the Gucci Ace sneakers), oh my! A girl can dream, right..? I won't set this wishlist up as a goal, because the Rolex watch is $47k. Kylie Jenner can't even pay that (kidding, kidding)! Where my lottery at?

TIP | Fashion tips every girl/woman needs to know

Summer '16 is almost ended, which means it's almost Fall, which means my favorite season of the year. Fall is the perfect season to wear layers, leather jackets and scarves without wilting. An oversized sweater with a long blouse underneath it can be worn again and you can shop for new outfits again. In this article I'll share fashion tips every.single.woman needs to know. Read on to discover what I'm talking about!
The first tip is to wear bright, but tertiary colors. Combine dark puple with deep orange, or camo green with burgundy, to get bright yet beautiful outfit combinations.

Throw on a scarf (or two!). I love scarves. They are like the icing on a cake. Just wear a colorful, silk scarf around your neck and you're good to go! It also makes your all black or 'slouchy' outfit look 100 times better (or maybe 1000).

Wear what you like and like what you wear.
Seeing a girl in a striped, body hugging dress that looks beautiful on her, doesn't mean it will look good on you as well. Watch out while going on a shopping spree. Make sure you take someone with you who is honest. Or just go alone! Don't forget to be kind to yourself. You're beautiful just as you are.

Jewellery are like scarves. Wear an outfit without any jewelry and wear the exact same outfit, but this time with three necklaces, a watch, three rings and two bracelets. I bet the second outfit is way better! Jewellery make your outfit complete.

Customize your clothes! Sew little pearls to your jeans, wear satin laces in your sneakers, add a few inches to your dress by sewing a piece of lace fabric underneath it. Go crazy, go original!

Use products differently. This may sound weird, but let me give you examples of what I mean..
Wear your watch around your hand (instead of around your wrist), tie a silk scarf around your bag, wear your blouse the other way around or steal your dad's leather jacket for that perfect oversized look.

PERSONAL | The truth behind blogging

The sun is shining, summer is coming to an end, school has started again and I am writing this article. It's 6 pm and I decided to write about something personal. A little bit about me, about the person behind this blog.
I don't even know how to begin. It all started more than five years ago. Back then, I was twelve years old and decided to do something in my life. ''Having my own blog is the ideal way to show people what I love most, namely fashion.''
Now, more than five years later, I can still call myself a blogger. I have a job that isn't comparable to other jobs that people around me have. But something isn't right. Maybe the fact that my readers don't know what I look like? Every time I go to an event, I recognize other bloggers (girl crushes!!), but it's not mutual. It doesn't matter how badly I would like to post more of myself (outfits, articles of good quality, etc.), it just doesn't feel right and I don't know why. 

But there's more to accomplish. A lot more.

There are so many things I've accomplished because of my blog. But there's more to accomplish. A lot more. Having a blog is one of the better things in life, believe me. You meet inspiring bloggers (I'll post an article that includes my favorite bloggers very soon!), discover more, collaborate with beautiful brands and more.
I am so excited for what the future will bring me. I have many things on my mind that I really want to accomplish when I am older. I mean, I am seventeen years old, I can dream and set goals, right? I hope I can do all these things, share them on my blog and inspire other people.

The best is yet to come.

NEW IN | Louis Vuitton monogram bracelet

Before I went to Côte d'Azur, I told mysef that I realy wanted to buy the Louis Vuitton Monogram bracelet. I fell in love with this beautiful bracelet like one year ago and it has been on my mind since that moment. It looks so pretty next to my love bracelet! I decided to buy the bracelet in Monte Carlo instead of Amsterdam. It was a quick visit, because I exactly knew what I wanted to buy. My mom convinced me to buy the matching scarf (which is from the newest collection), so that will be my next purchase. Let's hope it's on stock in Amsterdam! Do you like my new bracelet as much as I do?

PERSONAL | Back from vacay!

 ''I had the best vacay of my life'' me everytime I am back in Holland from another country.. But I truly think this was my best vacay. Despite I've already visited all the cities I went to, Côte d'Azur is definitely the most (or one of the most) beautiful place to visit (or maybe even to live in). People are so relaxing and beloved. The atmosphere, the beaches, the restaurants and the streets have stolen my heart. I lived brainless for one week. We stayed in a hotel in Nice (with the beach and clear blue sky as view (and it was BEAUTIFUL). Every morning, we walked to the beach (which took us like 10 seconds) and had breakfast there. After that, we visited cities in Côte d'Azur (such as Cannes, Saint Tropez, Antibes, Sainte Maxime and Monaco of course). It was definitely a vacay that I will never ever ever forget.