NEW IN | I don't need another pair of shoes

Said no woman ever. 
I was so happy when I saw these super funky and attention drawing sneakers on sale. They look exactly like the CC Tweed sneakers. The only difference between them is the logo and the price. I think its unnecessary to buy sneakers like these ones for more than €500. I mean, I would rather invest in a timeless piece, instead of something that I'll wear like once a month or two.
I wore these sneakers for the first time yesterday and two little girls were looking at me and giggling. I couldn't contain my laughter when I saw the girls. They were like "look at her sneakers! Look how colorful they are!" I don't know if I can take it as a compliment or not, but the fact that these sneakers make people stare at me makes me laugh. I think I can say that this could be the only disadvantage of living in a small city (I can't say village, because it isn't), but I have to be honest, I'm very used to it.
What do you think of these sneakers?


  1. Ze zijn echt supertof! Heel anders en kleurrijk inderdaad, begrijp dat mensen er wel even naar blijven staren als je voorbij komt lopen. :) Maar dat is juist gaaf, lekker je eigen unieke schoentjes! xx Rowan