TIP | 5 Tips for an SEO-friendly blog post

First things first, let me explain what SEO exactly means. It's pretty simple; SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It ensures that a blog is accessible to a search engine. It also improves the chances that your blog will be found by the search engine. Easy as that!
Today's blog is all about how to make sure your blog posts are SEO-friendly. Or: how to increase the chance that your blog (post) will be found on Google.

Think before you speak write
I think this tip is the most important one. Before you start writing a blog post, you need to ask yourself what you would like to tell to your readers/ visitors. What is the main purpose of your article? Write these questions down to make sure you (kind of) answer them in your blog post.

Chose one keyword and make sure you include it in your title, permalink and post itself
Readers need to know what your blog post is about. Let's take this post as an example: I used the word 'SEO' in my blog title, in the permalink and in the blog post. I am 110% sure that every person who reads this, knows that this article is about SEO. It's all about making clear where your post is about.

Comment on other blogs
I can assure you that you'll get more pageviews by leaving comments on other blogs. It's something I always do; after I leave a comment on someones blog, I always check out who else did it, simply by visiting their blogs.

Be a social media 'addict'
Post everything you post on your blog, also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Bloglovin, Pinterest, etc. Don't forget to add links to your posts, because if you do that, the chance that people are going to click on the link will be bigger.

Make sure your title is applicable
Is your blog post about your new watch? Then I don't reccomend you to use a title which isn't include the word 'watch' or at least the brand's name. My blog post about experience with detox tea has more than 1000 pageviews. Why? Because I used the the words detox tea in the title. And if you Google: ervaringen detox thee (three words which are also included in my blog title), you'll see my article on the first page.

Which tip do you like the most?