INSPO | Designers and diamonds

I don't know about you, but I can look at pictures like these for hours. Photos of designer items and imagiging having them can make me so happy. I found everything on weheartit, except for the arm candy (Cartier bracelets); that pic is mine, but the Love bracelets aren't. The fact that my sister owns these bracelets makes me wanna borrow them from her, because wearing those bracelets feels exactly like wearing perfection around your wrist. If that's even possible..
Oh, and maybe you've noticed this article is in English. The reason for this? I have been blogging in Dutch for - I think - a year now and I think it's better for me to write in English instead of Dutch. It helps me to improbe my vocabulary, but there is a big chance that the next article on my blog will be in Dutch and English! X