BEAUTY | YSL blush volupté review

I went to The Hague last week (which is in my opinion one of the best cities I've ever visited). I went there without the intention to buy something. But you may know me now: I am not myself if I dont buy anything. I went to De Bijenkorf (Dutch department store) and after a long long time, I walked out of the store with and YSL shopping bag. Today I am showing you one of my purchases!

I am seventeen years old, so wearing a lot of make-up at my age is inappropriate, but when I saw this beautiful blush from YSL, I couldn't resist buying it.. After seeing pictures of the blush, you'll totally understand it.
 If you are looking for a very pigmented blush, I don't recommend you this one. The blush is very subtle and you can choose how you want the blush to look on your fae, by applying as many layers as you want. The more layers, the more colorful. I like to go for two layers, because I am more a 'the less the better' kind of person. But of course it's totally up to you how you apply it.
I've also learned a lot of make-up tricks from the woman who worked at the YSL counter. She's been working there since seventeen years now, so that really makes me believe everything she told me about make-up and applying it.
I am absolutely happy with this blush. I wouldn't have bought this beautiful product without the help of the employee.
Are you familiar with YSL make-up?


PERSONAL | I'm back and I'm better

Didn't know it was so hard to combine my personal life with my social life. But I am finally back after being absent for more than a month (oh my god, is this you, Karin?)! I -unofficially have vacation now, which means I have more than enough times for fun things, for example blogging. I am going to Amsterdam Fashion Week with my sweet girlfriend and before that we are going to have lunch in the city. So looking forward to that? Also, I am very busy behind the scenes of Karin + Anna Official. Hopefully it will be launched in less than a month. For everyone who is curious, you can see a sneak peek of one of the designs in this article! Just to let you know: it is a personalised clutch, so it's up to you what letter(s) you want us to apply on the clutch! I love love love it and I can't wait to take it with my to AFW Friday! I also have a phone case, which looks very nice combined with the clutch.
I am back and I am better! Speak you very soon.. XO


WISH LIST | Louis V and Tommy H

June wishlist
It's almost June, so time for a new wishlist. I can't believe it's already the sixth month of 2016.. There are so many exciting things coming my way (my birthday, my own brand, holidays..)!
While I was doing my homework yesterday evening, I decided to create a wish list. Actually, I don't wanna call this a wish list, because there is nothing special on it, but there are a few items I really really want: tulle skirt, platform boots (I already have a pair, but you can never have enough, right?), a Louis Vuitton bracelet (I already have one in mind and I can't stop thinking about it), the perfect boyfriend/mom jeans, a blouse with ruches (BIG ruches) and many many more things (oops)..
What's on your wish list/ to buy list?
p.s. School asks so much time and effort. Not that I have to learn for tests or something, but most days I am home around 5:30 pm and believe me, after that, all you wanna do when you arrive home after a long day, is lay in bed and watch series.. So that's basically the reason behind the lack of posts lately.. Oops!